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Can I Stack Two Cars In My Garage With A Lift: Ensure 5 Factors

Can I Stack Two Cars In My Garage With A Lift

Last Updated on May 29, 2023

Are you considering stacking two cars in your garage with a lift? It’s possible to stack two cars in your garage using a car lift.

Before adding a lift to your garage, you need to consider a few things. We will provide you with all the information about car lifts that you need to know before undertaking such a project.

From understanding the many types of lifts available, learning how to accurately measure the size of your garage and ceiling height, determining if your garage is suitable for stacking two cars, assessing the weight tolerance of the car lift, and more.

We’ll also cover what types of lifts are available, the weight capacities of car lifts, and whether or not they can sustain the weight of two cars. So, read on if you’re looking for an easy way to add extra parking space in your garage without sacrificing square footage.

Can I Stack Two Cars In My Garage

What Do You Need to Know Before Adding a Lift to the Garage

It’s possible to stack two cars in your garage. Depending on how large your garage is and the size of your vehicles, you may need to make some adjustments.

It’s suggested that a 40ft space should be enough to fit two average-sized modern vehicles with room in front, between, and behind them. If you have a smaller garage, you may need to look into getting a car lift or double car stacker.

Ensure that you properly prepare your cars for long-term storage. Just make sure that you take the necessary steps to ensure that they are stored safely and securely.

What Do You Need to Know Before Adding a Lift to the Garage?

01. Measurement of the garage size and ceiling height

A. Garage Size

When measuring the size of a garage, consider its floor plan and ceiling height. To measure width and length, start at one corner of the room and use a tape measure to reach the opposite wall.

Multiple points around the room may need to be measured for an accurate depth measurement since walls are rarely perfectly straight. Once all measurements have been taken, you will have an overall sense of what space is available in your garage for vehicles or storage items.

B. Garage Ceiling Heights

The next thing to consider when measuring your garage is the ceiling height. Ceiling heights typically range from 8ft – 16ft. However, some garages may have higher ceilings depending on their type or age.

To measure your ceiling height accurately, touch the highest point on your garage ceiling where there are no obstructions, such as beams or pipes. If your ceiling is lower than 8 feet, you may remodel, if possible, to maximize your garage storage space by stacking cars on top of each other.

02. Determining if the Garage Size & Ceiling Height is adequate for stacking cars

For two cars to be safely stacked in a garage, the ceiling should have a height of 8-16 feet, and the floor size should be at least 16 x 18 feet. More oversized garages can allow more than two cars to stack safely due to increased size capacity.

When stacking multiple cars within one space, it is important to consider ventilation, air circulation, and accessibility issues that could lead to fire hazards or moisture damage over time.

Depending on what type of car needs storing, extra space may need to be allocated for entrance steps or special ramps so users can move freely without hindrance.

03. Understand the different types of lifts available

Understand the different types of lifts available

A. Four-post car lifts

Four-post car lifts are the most popular and versatile type of lift available, providing great stability and support for any vehicle.

Engineered with four vertical posts or columns and a sturdy platform at the top with horizontal runways, it has the strength to hoist even the heaviest vehicles safely. The wide range of compatibility makes these lifts suitable for various vehicles, from small cars to large trucks.

Moreover, its four-post design gives it an edge regarding detail-oriented repair work and offers access to all components before or after service completion. With this powerful yet easy-to-use lift, you can conveniently hoist engine blocks or other heavy items.

B. Two-post car lifts

Two-post car lifts are very versatile pieces of equipment that are perfect for mechanics who don’t have a lot of space in their garage but still need access to the underside of a vehicle.

These consist of two vertical steel posts that rise from the ground and support a platform at their top end. This allows you to raise your vehicle off the ground to have easy access underneath it without having to crawl around on your hands and knees or use an engine crane/hoist.

Two-post lifts can also be used for wheel alignment, brake repairs, oil changes, tire rotation, suspension work, and more. They are inexpensive compared to other lifts and require minimal installation time due to their simplistic design. 

C. AUTOSTACKER Car Stackers and Lifts

AUTOSTACKER Car Stackers and Lifts offer an innovative solution for those who need multiple vehicle servicing capabilities in their shop but don’t have much space available.

They utilize two hydraulic cylinders, which raise one platform designed specifically for stacking cars in extremely tight spaces. And without putting strain on any other vehicles parked nearby or damaging parts of the system.

Unlike four-post or two-post lifts, AUTOSTACKER does not require additional tools such as hoists or cranes. Due to its unique single-platform system, which eliminates all traditional installation steps like anchoring bolts, etc.

It requires hardly any maintenance since its self-contained design makes it virtually maintenance-free over its lifetime use as opposed to standard lift systems that need regular checkups due to deterioration over time.

04. Determine the Weight Capacity of the Car Lifts

When choosing a car lift, consider its weight capacity. The maximum capacity rating of the lift should be checked against the manufacturer’s specifications for each model.

Accessories such as lights or speakers may add extra weight and should also be considered when selecting a car lift. Extensions and adapters can increase carrying capacity, but their weights must also be added to calculations if used.

Wheels and tires on vehicles placed onto lifts must be in good condition. They can add significant extra weight when combined with engine modifications like turbochargers or nitrous oxide systems.

If larger vehicles are planned for storage on the car lift, check if an increased capacity option is available for heavier loads.

05. Assess if the Car Lift Can Reinforce the Weight of Two Cars

When assessing whether or not a car lift can safely support two cars, look at its maximum load rating and ensure it meets the combined weight of both vehicles.

Consider any additional accessories present on each vehicle and any additional load from modified engines or larger tires/wheels when calculating this number.

Invest in an automotive scale to measure each vehicle before loading them onto the car lift for an accurate reading of its total combined weight and to prevent potential injuries caused by exceeding its designed carrying capacity.

How To Install a Lift for Stacking Cars in a Garage?

How To Install a Lift for Stacking Cars in a Garage

01. Pre-installation considerations

  • Measure the dimensions of the garage to determine which type of lift will fit best.
  • Ensure the area is suitable for lift installation, including checking for obstructions or possible safety hazards.
  • Choose an appropriate power source for the lift and ensure all wiring meets safety standards.

02. Installing the Lift

  • Assemble and attach the lift to its supports, ensuring it is secure and level according to manufacturer instructions.
  • Connect power to the lift, ensuring all cords are properly sealed against moisture and protected from external damage.
  • Ensure all components are properly lubricated to move when operated by remote or manual controls.

03. Stacking Cars with a Lift

  • Position each car on either side of the lift, ensuring they are balanced between each support beam of the lifting device.
  • Connect any necessary straps to secure vehicles before lifting them into position.
  • Operate the lift remotely (or manually) to raise each car into place carefully.
  • Check that all components are secured before switching off the power.

04. Finishing Up

  • Double-check that both cars are securely attached to their respective lifts.
  • Ensure that all necessary bolts and nuts are fastened securely.
  • Re-check power sources for both lifts and make adjustments if needed.
  • Test out each car individually once both have been lifted into place.
  • Lower cars slowly use remote/manual controls after complete testing.
  • Clean up any debris left behind during the installation process
  • Celebrate the successful completion of the project.
Can I Stack Two Cars In My Garage For 6 Months

How Do I Ensure My Cars Are Safe When I Stack Them In My Garage Using A Lift?

Stacking cars in the garage with a lift is a great way to save space and make the most of your garage. Take precautions to ensure that your cars are safe when stacked.

You should ensure that the lift you desire is rated for the weight of your vehicle. Most lifts will have a maximum weight capacity listed on their website or the product page. Measure the height of your garage and assure that the lift you choose is tall enough to accommodate both cars, with extra room for safety.

Use wheel chocks and straps to secure them when stacking your cars. This will help prevent any shifting or sliding while they are stacked. Inspect the lift regularly for any signs of wear or damage, as this could cause an accident if not addressed promptly.

Remember that car lifts are not designed for long-term storage. Consult a professional if you plan on leaving your vehicles stacked for an extended time. Taking these precautions ensures that both cars remain safe when stacked in your garage using a lift.

Maximizing Space in Your Garage: The Possibility of Stacking Cars with a Lift System

Stacking 2 cars in your garage utilizing a car lift is possible. However, before installing a lift in your garage, you must ensure that the size and ceiling heights are adequate for stacking cars.

You also need to define the weight accommodation of the car lifts and assess if they can support the weight of two cars, depending on the type of car lift you choose. There are various options, such as four-post lifts, two-post lifts, and AutoStacker car stackers and lifts.

Researching and comparing different models before purchasing one for your garage is essential. With proper installation and maintenance, your car lift will remain reliable for years to come and will provide an efficient solution for storing two cars in a single garage.

Can I Stack Two Cars In My Garage With A Lift: Ensure 5 Factors

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