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Best UTV Garage Lift: Top 5 for Safe Spacing in 2024

UTV Garage Lift

Last Updated on April 15, 2023

Your UTV deserves the best care. Invest in a durable, long-lasting garage lift to make maintenance and servicing easier. Look for an alloy steel construction that can safely handle heavy loads. Plus, anti-slip surfaces at both top and bottom to ensure safety when using your equipment.

And don’t forget about style. A high-quality paint finish with scratch resistance will keep it looking good even after extended use. Also, roller wheels on the base allow you to move smoothly between tight spaces or quickly shift your lift from one area of your space easily, with no hassle required.

Check out our review of the top 5 UTV garage lifts so you can find the perfect fit for all your needs and get back powering up those trails without delay.

Vivohome Steel UTV Lift Jack Hoist Stand

High quality, durable UTV garage lift with non-slip design and good stability

Material: Alloy Steel
Load Capacity: 1100 Pounds
Maximum Lifting Height: 14.5 Inches
Item Weight: 27.2 Pounds


Durable UTV garage lift with heavy-duty enamel paint finish

Material: Alloy Steel
Load Capacity: 440 Pound
Maximum Lifting Height: 385 Millimeters
Item Weight: 15.77 Pounds

BIG RED UTV Floor Jack

Easy maneuverable UTV garage lift with a good lifting range

● Material: Alloy Steel
Load Capacity: 1500 Pounds
Maximum Lifting Height: 16.13 Inches
Item Weight: ‎73.7 Pounds

Top 5 UTV Garage Lifts: Detailed Reviews

Don’t just settle for any UTV garage lift. Invest in one that offers the features you need. Researching product specifications helps make sure your purchase is an informed decision.

Looking through our top 5 reviews will ensure a lift with maximum performance, providing only what’s best suitable to meet all of your requirements.

1. Vivohome Steel UTV Lift Jack Hoist Stand

Vivohome Steel UTV Lift Jack Hoist Stand

The Vivohome garage lift is an excellent and highly durable solution for lifting and supporting your UTV. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features this hoist stand has to offer.

Solid Alloy Steel Construction 

This lift jack is constructed from heavy-duty alloy steel, making it incredibly strong and reliable. It has been designed to provide maximum stability and resistance against wear and tear over time.

High Load Capacity 

The Vivohome steel UTV lift jack hoist stand boasts an impressive load capacity of about 1100 lbs, making it perfect for most standard-sized UTVs.

You’ll have plenty of room to maneuver underneath your UTV with this jack’s maximum lifting height of 14.5 inches.

Oil, Grease, Rust-Resistant Paint Coating 

Not only does it have a sturdy metal construction, but it also comes with a red and black powder-coated finish.

The paint coating is also oil and grease resistant, which makes cleaning up after repairs much easier than other models on the market.

Its rust-resistant properties help prevent rust build-up over time which could otherwise weaken the structure of the jack itself.

Anti-Slip Design 

Safety is always paramount when using a lift jack, so Vivohome has included an anti-slip design on its model to keep both you and your UTV in place during operation.

On top of that, there is a durable rubber pad with a striped pattern installed on top platform which helps prevent slippage or scratches from occurring during use.

Portable Space-Saving Design

Finally, this sleek-looking lift jack comes in a convenient size. It’s compact and space-saving at the same time. With its low-profile design, it takes up minimal floor space when not in use.


  • Durable, all-steel construction for long-lasting use
  • Rust, grease, and oil-resistant powder-coated finish
  • Easy to clean up after repairs
  • There’s a rubber pad on the top to keep it from sliding
  • Durable anti-slip rubber pad for stability
  • Compact and easy-to-transport design


  • An uneven surface can cause instability

2. RUTU ATV UTV Stand Lift


Enjoy effortless maintenance and repair of your UTV with this specially designed-lift. Discover how you can benefit from owning an efficient lift today.

Good Lifting Height 

The RUTU ATV UTV stand lift provides a maximum of 385 millimeters of lifting height. With this lifting capacity, you can easily raise even the biggest UTVs.

Its hydraulic pump operates smoothly and quietly, so you can work without worrying about disturbing your neighbors.

Sturdy Construction 

With a reinforced welded steel frame, the RUTU stand Lift ensures maximum strength and stability while working on your vehicle. It also has nylon stabilizing bushings which reduce wobble after the bike is raised.

Anti-slip, Anti-Scratch Surface 

A non-slip, anti-scratch surface is also on the lift. This means that no matter how much pressure you put on the UTV during use, it won’t slip or get scratched up by any sharp edges on the stand.

The rubber pad helps keep everything stationary, so there are no accidents during use.

Easy Operation with Foot-Actuated Lift Lever 

Another great feature of the RUTU UTV stand lift is its foot-actuated lift lever which makes it incredibly easy to operate even when time is short.

Just press down on the lever with your foot and watch as the UTV is effortlessly lifted into place without straining yourself or risking injury.

Long-lasting, Scratch and Chip Resistant Paint 

The heavy-duty enamel paint finish helps ensure that this stand will look good for a long time, regardless of how often it gets used. It helps protect against scratches and chips better than other finishes.


  • Universal application fits the majority of UTVs on the market
  • The hydraulic pump operates smoothly
  • Built-in damper for a safe lowering process
  • Nylon stabilizing bushing reduces wobble after raising your UTV
  • Rubber pad protects UTV from slipping and scratches
  • Foot-lever operated, easy to use


  • The ground clearance may be a little bit low for specific UTV models

3. BIG RED UTV Floor Jack

BIG RED UTV Floor Jack

The Big Red lift makes servicing your UTV simple, safe, and efficient. This floor jack has these features and benefits:

Ample Load Capacity 

The BIG RED UTV Floor Jack boasts an impressive 3/4 Ton (1,500 lb) capacity, making it ideal for use on UTVs. This impressive load capacity ensures that you can tackle any job with ease and confidence.

Durable Alloy Steel Construction 

BIG RED’s UTV, ATV, motorcycle lift is made from strong alloy steel, which not only makes it incredibly durable but also provides extra stability when lifting heavy loads.

The steel construction also helps to reduce vibration during operation for a smoother, safer experience overall.

Good Lifting Range 

With a lifting range of 5-1/8″ to 16-1/8″, you can get the job done no matter what size your UTV or the area you’re working in.

Additionally, its quick-lifting action ensures that you can get started right away without having to wait around while it adjusts pressure or speed settings.

Six Locking Positions for Versatility 

This powerful floor jack has six locking positions which provide unprecedented versatility when working on different vehicles or areas of your garage.

Whether you are looking for a low-profile lift, a wide range of angles, or a tight area operation, this jack can handle all of these requirements with ease.

Easy Maneuverable with Swivel Casters 

The BIG RED UTV jack comes with two locking swivel casters which make maneuvering around tight spaces simple and effortless.

The smooth rolling design also allows you to move the jack easily across different surfaces without any hassle. These casters are reinforced with rubber treads which add extra grip even when wet or icy conditions are present.


  • Operates with hydraulics for smooth lifting
  • The six locking positions make it versatile for a variety of tasks
  • With two locking swivel casters, it’s easy to move
  • Includes a bottle jack and pulling bar
  • Durable and rugged design
  • Wide load-bearing capacity


  • Hydraulic fluid may leak after long-time use

4. APlusLift ATV UTV Lift Table

APlusLift ATV UTV Lift Table

The APlusLift lift brings versatility and convenience to any at-home garage or commercial shop. This state-of-the-art lift kit offers users a multitude of features, including:

Built with Durable Alloy Steel

The APlusLift ATV UTV Lift table is constructed from high-grade steel alloy, ensuring durability and long life. This premium material offers superior strength, superior corrosion resistance, and superior weldability for the most demanding task.

Enough Load Capacity for Most UTVs

APlusLift’s lift table has a maximum load capacity of 2200 pounds, allowing you to lift even the heaviest UTVs and ATVs with ease.

Powerful Motor with Quiet Operation

The APlusLift ATV lift table features a 110V 60HZ single-phase motor, which provides plenty of power to lift your vehicle quickly while operating quietly.

In addition to low maintenance, this powerful motor ensures precise operation without affecting the surrounding environment with excessive noise pollution or vibration.

Ample Lifting Height

With a maximum lifting height of 47.25 inches, you can access all parts of your car without disassembling or moving anything.

Whether you’re changing tires or performing routine service tasks, you’ll have plenty of working space to get the job done fast and efficiently.

Additional Extensions Included

For added convenience, this lift table comes standard with a wheel vise, front extension, and XLT side extensions included in the package. These accessories provide additional support when working on larger UTVs.


  • Lift capacity of 2,200 pounds
  • There’s a 47.25-inch maximum lifting height
  • Alloy steel construction for durability
  • Single-phase motor for quick, quiet operation


  • Improper maintenance can reduce the performance of the lift table

5. Black Widow Air/Hydraulic UTV Lift Table

Black Widow AirHydraulic UTV Lift Table

The Black Widow Lift table can be a good choice for UTV repair and servicing. This convenient lift table boasts user-friendly features to help you get the job done with ease. Check out the features:

Durable Powder-Coated Steel Construction

The Black Widow’s air/hydraulic UTV lift table is designed with heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction that provides optimal support and stability.

2,500 lbs. Weight Capacity

One of the key features of this UTV lift table is its impressive weight capacity. It can hold up to 2,500 pounds in total. This makes it perfect for use with larger UTVs that require heavy lifting during service and repair jobs.

Ten Locking Positions

The Black Widow lift table comes with 10 locking positions between 8″ and 48-1/2″ lift height range. This range provides plenty of options for servicing UTVs.

Good Grit Traction Surface 

This lift table has a good grit traction surface which helps keep your vehicle securely held in place while you work on it. This extra layer of security helps eliminate any chance of slipping during use.

Essential Extensions Included 

This UTV lift table comes included with essential components. Such as side extensions that are perfect for larger projects like tires or brakes.

Plus, a wheel vise allows you to secure wheels quickly. An air/hydraulic foot pump is also included, so you can adjust height levels precisely without worrying about manual labor.

Positive Aspects:

  • It can handle up to 2,500 lbs., making it perfect for even the heaviest UTVs.
  • It’s made of durable powder-coated steel, so you know it will last for years.
  • 10 locking positions for a variety of tasks
  • 8″ to 48-1/2″ lift height 


  • The weight is heavy, and it’s not portable

Comparison Chart of the Best UTV Garage Lifts

Product NameMaterialTypeLoad CapacityMaximum Lifting Height
VIVOHOME Scissor Lift Jack for UTVAlloy SteelManual Hydraulic1100 Pounds14.5 Inches
RUTU Hydraulic UTV Lift StandAlloy SteelManual Hydraulic440 Pounds385 Millimeters
BIG RED T64017 Torin Hydraulic Powersports Lift JackAlloy SteelManual Hydraulic1500 Pounds16.13 Inches
APlusLift UTV LiftAlloy SteelElectrical Hydraulic2200 Pounds47.25 Inches
Black Widow UTV Lift TableAlloy SteelManual Hydraulic2500 Pounds48-1/2 Inch

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best UTV Garage Lift

electric winch

Finding the perfect UTV lift for your specific needs is no small undertaking. From paint quality to portability, there are a variety of considerations you should bear in mind when selecting the ideal product.

To equip you with optimum choice-making capabilities, let us explore each factor more closely and weigh its importance against your individual requirements.

1. Type

The type of lift that’s right for you depends on your needs and preferences. There are two main types of lifts available which are manual hydraulic and electrical hydraulic.

Manual hydraulic lifts are often cheaper than their electrical counterparts and require no power source. You can use them even if you don’t have access to an outlet. But, they often require some strength to operate since they rely on the user’s own muscle power.

Electrical hydraulic lifts typically use electric motors to power the hydraulic system, eliminating the need for manual labor. When choosing an electrical hydraulic lift, be sure to check the motor power to make sure it is up to the job.

Also, ensure it’s not too loud so you can work or live peacefully. Consider the length of any necessary electrical cables when determining where you will place your lift.

2. Material

The material a lift is made out of can impact its performance and safety significantly. Alloy steel is generally considered a good choice of material because it offers excellent strength and durability while maintaining a lightweight frame.

When selecting alloy steel for your utility vehicle lift, ensure that it has been treated with a coating that prevents it from rusting or corroding over time.

This will help ensure that your lift remains in good condition for many years without worrying about frequent repairs or replacements.

3. Load Capacity

You need to know the load capacity before you buy a UTV garage lift. Since you want one that can safely handle whatever load you plan on placing on it without breaking or falling unexpectedly.

The maximum weight your chosen model can carry should be clearly marked either in pounds or kilograms. You need a garage lift that matches what you’ll be lifting.

4. Maximum Lifting Height

double duty

Another important factor to consider before purchasing a utility vehicle lift is its lifting height. Some lifts are designed with adjustable heights that let you customize them for various uses with different height requirements.

Ensure that the selected model features enough headroom clearance so you don’t run into any problems during operation.

5. Paint Quality 

When shopping around for a UTV garage lift, keep an eye out for models with premium paint quality, such as enamel paint which offers both beauty and protection from scratches and chips over time.

Enamel paint also provides excellent resistance against moisture damage such as rusting. So this could potentially save you money down the road due to fewer repairs or replacements being required.

6. Anti-Slip Design

Having an anti-slip design is essential for UTV lifts since this will help prevent accidents from occurring due to slips caused by grease, oil, snow, water, etc.

Many models come equipped with rubber pad inserts that offer extra grip, but if yours doesn’t have one, then check if there are any other anti-slip accessories available separately.

7. Compact and Portable Design

If your goal is portability, then go for a compact design. You want something that’s easy to transport and maneuver around tight spaces like garages or shop floors.

Look for lightweight models so that you can easily move them from place to place without straining yourself or incurring any damage to your property. Size also matters.

Check if there’s enough floor space in your garage or shop floor for the lift when not in use. Also, look for a model with wheel attachments so that you can easily wheel the lift around wherever it needs to go without having to pick it up physically every time.

How Much Load Capacity Should a Garage Lift Have to Lift A UTV?

suspension work brakes

The load capacity that a garage lift should have to lift a UTV depends on the weight of the UTV you own. Most two-seat UTVs weigh between 1,200 and 1,600 pounds, while utility UTVs can weigh up to 2,000 pounds.

Four-seat UTVs typically range from 1,400 to 2,000 pounds, and youth UTVs usually hover around 400 to 700 pounds.

To lift any of these types of vehicles safely and securely, an adequate lift with a weight capacity of 2,500 pounds is recommended.

This ensures that regardless of the model you own or intend to purchase in the future, your vehicle will be supported properly by your lift. The key is to choose one that matches your UTV’s weight.

What’s the Best Height for Lifting UTVs for Servicing?

For the best results when servicing UTVs, a lift height of 14.5 to 48.5 inches is generally recommended, as it provides adequate clearance for sufficient access below the vehicle.

This height range should be suitable for most makes and models, allowing the necessary space for maintenance tasks. This may include such things as an oil change, a brake inspection, or a tire rotation, among others.

At this height, you can easily reach all essential components of the UTV’s engine and other components from underneath the vehicle.

It is important to note that not all UTVs are best suited for lifts of this height. Some may require greater heights (up to 60 inches) to fit certain components like large tires or overhead exhausts.

Secure Your UTV & Optimize Servicing with Quality Garage Lift

home mechanic

To wrap it up, if you want to ensure a safe servicing experience for your UTV, you need the right garage lift

Look out for materials that are built to last and can safely accommodate common UTVs while giving enough clearance height. Plus, don’t forget anti-slip surfaces, essential protection from slips and falls.

Out of all the UTV lifts we checked out, Vivohome Steel’s hydraulic lift had everything you need to service your UTV safely. Boasting an incredibly strong build and non-slip surfaces, this sturdy piece is perfect for any garage.

Plus, it has enough lifting power & height to handle most UTVs. So if safety comes first, then grab yourself a trusty Vivohome Steel’s lift ASAP.

Best UTV Garage Lift: Top 5 for Safe Spacing in 2024

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