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Can I Lift My Motorcycle By Frame Sliders: DIY 5 Steps [Easy]

Can I Lift My Motorcycle By Frame Sliders

Last Updated on March 19, 2023

If you want to give your motorcycle an extra layer of protection and strength, frame sliders may be the way to go. With reinforced strength that can hold even the weightiest bikes, they also shield them from any potential bumps or scrapes in case of a spill.

You can lift your motorcycle with its frame sliders, but only if they’re not attached to the engine case. Before attempting this maneuver, certain precautions should be taken to ensure everything is done safely and correctly.

Because sliders are not meant for lifting, only protecting. They should only be utilized for lifting when absolutely necessary.

Before taking action, this post uncovers these versatile tools’ essential safety considerations and weight-bearing capacity. We’ll show you how to lift your bike safely and properly with frame sliders.

How Can I Lift My Motorcycle By Frame Sliders: 5 Steps

How Can You Lift the Motorcycle By Frame Sliders

For many, lifting a heavyweight motorcycle may seem like an intimidating task. But with the right knowledge and equipment, it can be completed safely. Frame sliders are a great option here.

They’re strong enough to handle even colossal motorcycles while at the same time offering protection against potential damage.

Follow these steps to lift your motorcycle via frame sliders:

Gather Necessary Supplies:

  • Adjustable wrench or socket set
  • blocks or ramps
  • tie-downs (optional)

STEP One: Prepare the Work Area 

It is important to ensure that your work area is clear before beginning any motorcycle project. If possible, park it in a level space and remove any loose objects that could become damaged or cause harm during the process.

Aside from that, make sure you have all the necessary tools and equipment available before beginning your work. 

STEP Two: Position Your Lift 

To begin the lifting process, position your lift beneath the motorcycle’s frame sliders closest to the ground while they are in their lowest position (in relation to each other). If needed, use tie-downs or blocks/ramps to secure the motorcycle at an appropriate height to reach all mounting hardware easily.

If you are going to proceed with any further steps, make sure all is secure.

STEP Three: Secure Your Motorcycle 

Now that the lift is set up, it is time to secure your bike before you begin lifting it up. First, you should securely attach chains or cables from each side of the bike’s frame slider brackets to appropriate points on either side of the lift platform.

These chains/cables should then be tightened until they are taut enough, so they don’t slip off during use. The next step would be to use one of these chains/cables as a pivot point and steady one end of your bike while using both hands on either side to keep it stable during lifting operations.

Finally, stand up your bike upright and check once again that everything is secure before proceeding further. You should have someone nearby steady your motorcycle just in case it begins to wobble until it is completely upright again.

STEP Four: Lift Your Motorcycle

Once you have secured your motorbike and all safety measures are considered, you can now start lifting it using frame sliders. Ensure both sides are evenly raised at all times and never exceed load capacity for any bolts during this process, as overloading may cause structural damage or worse.

Activate the lift slowly until all four wheels come off from ground level for best results. And stay level until their weight has been fully transferred onto their corresponding frame slider brackets.

STEP Five: Lower Your Motorcycle

When you’re finished working on whatever was being done underneath your motorbike. Simply reverse Step 4 by lowering each side down in an even manner until all four wheels touch ground level once again.

Before beginning, this process ensures that all personnel involved have left sufficient space between themselves and their machine. As moving parts could injure someone if they get too close.

How Much Weight Can Frame Sliders Support When Lifting a Motorcycle?

How Much Weight Can Frame Sliders Support When Lifting a Motorcycle

Frame sliders are designed to protect the motorcycle frame, fairings, and other components from damage if the bike falls off its tires. They’re usually made from high-strength materials such as aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber and can support significant weight.

Unfortunately, they are not specifically intended for lifting the motorcycle. Generally speaking, frame sliders can support a maximum of 250-300 pounds when lifting a motorcycle.

For instance, in the case of a 400-ish bike, with the back wheel still on the ground, the weight is typically distributed between two sliders – 200-250lbs. This means that each slider would hold up to 125 lbs at most.

Because frame sliders are designed to provide crash protection from falls, they aren’t meant to take on extra weight and stress from lifting. As such, it’s important to avoid any extra stress due to lifting.

When Lifting a Motorcycle Using Frame Sliders, What Precautions Should Be Taken?

When Lifting a Motorcycle Using Frame Sliders, What Precautions Should Be Taken

Whether you’re an experienced motorcycle rider or just getting started, taking the proper precautions when lifting your bike using frame sliders is essential. Taking the right measures will help protect your bike and yourself from potential harm and even injury.

The following tips will help you lift your motorcycle safely:

Get a Flat, Stable Surface: Check that the surface you’re lifting your bike on is flat and level, as this helps reduce any risk of tipping during the process. Make sure the jack you’re using can handle the weight of your bike and that the ground underneath can hold it if you’re lifting it.

Use a Motorcycle Lift or Jack: To ensure that you don’t strain yourself and potentially cause injury, use either a lift or a jack stand to help get the job done. Both options can be easily found online or at your local automotive store.

Position the Bike Correctly: When lifting with frame sliders, ensure all sides of the bike are properly balanced before lifting. Doing this will help prevent accidental falls or other accidents while doing maintenance work on your bike.

Don’t Lift the Bike Too High: While using frame sliders, make sure not to lift the bike too high to prevent potential accidents caused by miss balancing or overstretching parts like brake lines and fuel lines. This will also help prevent wear and tear of suspension components.

Don’t Leave the Bike Unattended: Always ensure someone is there with you when you’re working on your motorcycle, especially if it’s raised off the ground via frame sliders. In case something goes wrong during maintenance, someone else can help quickly and safely lower your precious ride back onto solid ground again.

Check the Condition of Sliders: Before beginning any maintenance work with frame sliders, always inspect them for wear and tear. Whenever you’re working on your ride indoors or outdoors, look for cracks or damage that could affect performance once you lift it off its tires into an elevated position.

Practice Proper Lifting Techniques: Always practice proper form when attempting any kind of heavy lifting task. Keep your posture straight (back straight), and don’t bend over excessively during this activity, as improper form can cause strain injuries.

Use Tie-down Straps: If you’re elevating bikes via frame sliders for extended periods of time while performing maintenance, tie-down both sides. Having ties downs such as rope/webbing straps could prevent any mishaps from happening throughout this process.

Lower the Bike Carefully: When you’re done with maintenance, please lower the bike slowly and carefully back down toward the solid ground. Due to excessive weight being applied suddenly, no further damage occurs either visually or mechanically.

Does Lifting a Motorcycle With Frame Sliders Hurt the Frame or Engine?

Does Lifting a Motorcycle With Frame Sliders Hurt the Frame or Engine

Lifting a motorcycle by frame sliders can cause damage to the frame or engine if the sliders are attached to the engine case. This is because gravity causes the frame and engine to move in different directions when the bike is lifted. It can cause cracks, fractures, or other serious damage to certain components of both.

Frame sliders are a great addition to your bike but can cause serious and irreversible damage if not used properly. Consult the owner’s manual or manufacturer specifications before attaching any frame slider since not all models can be lifted.

A frame slider not directly attached to the engine case is recommended. Besides that, whenever you lift a bike with crash bars installed correctly, you need to always use two hands (or a lifting tool) to support both ends of the bike.

Doing so will keep both components balanced and reduce any undue stress caused by gravity.

Are Frame Sliders Supposed to Spin When Lifting a Motorcycle?

Frame sliders are not designed to be spun when lifting a motorcycle. Instead, they are designed to be installed along the frame of a motorcycle as an extra layer of bike protection against damage from impacts and falls, as mentioned earlier.

Aside from that, spinning frame sliders can lead to uneven wear on the slider material, which could eventually cause it to fail. When lifting a motorcycle, these stands should be securely attached to the frame to avoid slipping or sliding.

Frame sliders should also be inspected regularly for any signs of wear or damage due to exposure to weather or impacts from other objects or surfaces. If there is any sign of damage, it is best to replace them with new ones as soon as possible.

Craft Careful Moves to Lift Your Bike With Sliders

Ultimately, lifting your bike with frame sliders can be done, but it takes careful preparation. You and your motorcycle may be at risk if the shoe’s weight capacity exceeds your motorcycle’s strength and stability.

Exercise caution to ensure all points are properly secured before attempting this task.

Also, it’s essential to keep an eye on the condition of your slider components so that they don’t weaken over time and put your bike at risk. Although frame sliders can be convenient in some situations, you should never use them instead of traditional lifts.

Can I Lift My Motorcycle By Frame Sliders: DIY 5 Steps [Easy]

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