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Best Motorcycle Lift Tables: Top 5 Expert Picks in 2024

Motorcycle Lift Tables

Last Updated on March 25, 2023

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, owning and maintaining your bike should be an enjoyable experience. However, creating a safe maintenance environment is essential to avoid any unexpected mishaps. No matter what kind of gear you’re working on, a good lift table can make it easier to work safely.

Since there are many bike lift tables available on the market, finding one that fits your needs can be tough. Still, by narrowing down your search based on lifting capacity, lifting height, durability compatibility and safety features, you will discover the best motorcycle lift tables for all your biking needs.

We’ve done all the research for you and narrowed down our picks for the top 5 lift tables that will give you optimal safety and features for those maintenance tasks. So gear up and get ready. It’s time to take motorcycling fun higher than ever.

Top 5 Lift Table for Motorcycle Reviews

Don’t let a neglected bike slow your ride. Invest in the best of the best with one of our top five hydraulic motorcycle lift tables. Experience ultimate convenience, quality and durability as you ensure your beloved machine stays running smoothly for years to come.

1. VIVOHOME ATV Motorcycle Lift Table

VIVOHOME ATV Motorcycle Lift Table

If you’re an off-roading enthusiast, this VIVOHOME ATV lift table is the perfect tool for your maintenance needs. From quad bikes to mopeds and motorbikes, this lift table ensures easy handling of all kinds of vehicles quickly and securely.

Simple Lifting Mechanism

With the VIVOHOME ATV Motorcycle Lift Table, you can lift up to 1500 pounds at 15 inches without bending or kneeling on the garage floor. The lift can be operated manually via foot valve controls levers, providing an intuitive and efficient way of raising vehicles with minimal effort.

Advanced Safety Lock System

Regarding lifting motorcycles, safety is paramount, so VIVOHOME’s motorcycle lift table comes with a 3-position safety lock so you can fix your vehicle at different angles. This motorcycle lift jack can raise your motorcycle to heights between 4.5″-15″, making it easy to reach hard-to-reach spots with standard tools.

Excellent Paint Quality

To ensure that users get maximum longevity out of their VIVOHOME lift table, it is coated with oil-, grease-, and rust-resistant paint in a classic red and black powder-coated frame finish. That makes cleaning easier after repairs or maintenance work has been completed.

In any environment, this superior paint quality offers reliable protection from wear and tear.

No Slippage & Scratches

This lift table’s top surface features a durable rubber pad with striped veins, which help prevent slippage when placing your bike on it. This unique feature helps you keep your vehicle looking as good as new regardless of how many times you need to use it.

Complete Accessories

It comes with complete accessories to make your experience with the ATV table lift even more convenient. There are two tie-down straps, two adapter bars, and a detachable handle for easy lifting.

A detailed instruction manual is also included for maximum ease-of-use guidance during the setup and operation of the table.


  • Eliminate the need to bend or kneel on the garage floor
  • 3-position safety lock for different angles
  • Resist corrosion and rust for lasting use
  • Prevent slippage with the rubber pad surface
  • Easy-to-follow instruction manual included


  • Need to operate manually with a foot pedal

2. Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

The Extreme Max motorcycle lift table is essential for anyone wanting to simplify their motorcycle maintenance and repair experience. Its powerful engine ensures smooth operation, while the convenient features make it perfect for home users and professionals.

Easy Operation Procedure

The Extreme Max lift table is designed for effortless operation with its pedal-operated lift and lower feature. With little resistance, lifting your bike is much easier, even at the maximum weight of 300 lbs.

Apart from that, it’s totally hands-free, so anyone can work safely and quickly on their motorbike with this lift table.

Guarantees Security and Stability

With its sturdy steel construction, wide base and locking wheels, you can trust that the Extreme Max 5001.5083 hydraulic motorcycle lift table keeps your bike secure. The inclusion of a locking bar as well as J-hooks helps to hold your motorcycle in place while you work on it.

Plus, the non-skid rubber pad prevents slipping, which means your dirt bike won’t be damaged from movement during use.

Slip-Resistant Grippers

The top surface of this lift table is covered with an edge-to-edge no- slip rubber pad that prevents any slipping or sliding when you’re working on your bike. Moreover, this slip-resistant material protects your bike’s bottom from scratches, so you don’t have to worry about damage.

Anti-Corrosion Protection

The Extreme Max lift table features an attractive red powder-coated finish to ensure long-lasting use without corroding or rusting over time. Ensures that it resists corrosion as well as wear over time.

This durable finish provides lasting protection against any deterioration, so you can enjoy using this lift table for many years.


  • Foot pedal lift and lower for easy, effortless use
  • Quick and safe working with the hands-free platform
  • Prevent accidental slipping with the non-slip surface
  • Large platform provides plenty of workspaces
  • Reduce strain when lifting or lowering the bike


  • It takes a lot of pumping to reach full height

3. Apluslift 1500lb Air Operated 48 Width ATV Motorcycle Lift Table With Side Extensions

Apluslift 1500lb Air Operated 48 Width ATV Motorcycle Lift Table With Side Extensions

This ATV motorcycle lift table is the perfect solution for any hobbyist or professional garage. With its impressive weight capacity, auto-neutral position and durable paint finish, this stable scissor frame lets you take your lifting to another level.

Excellent Weight Capacity

This lift table can handle up to 1,500 lbs with ease. It is perfect for repairing or servicing any small or large ATV or motorcycle in your shop or garage. In addition, the weight capacity is distributed evenly across its surface for added stability.

Auto Neutral Position

Apluslift ATV lift table has a patented butterfly foot pedal with an auto-neutral position feature. This allows you to easily move the lift up and down without manually switching back and forth between the up and down positions every time.

This makes it easy to quickly adjust the height as needed while keeping your hands free to work on the vehicle.

Exceptionally Durable Paint Finish

This 1500lb Air Operated 48 Width ATV motorcycle lift table with side extensions comes with an extremely durable E-Coated black paint finish as well as a durable powder-coated orange paint finish. The combination of these two finishes provides excellent protection against scratches, dents, rusting and fading.

Stable Scissor Frame

The scissor frame construction gives this lift table superior stability when raising heavier loads, such as motorcycles and ATVs, up to its maximum weight capacity. Thick gauge steel prevents flexing under load so that you get precise lifting every time.

Also, precise pivot shafts increase overall reliability by reducing wear over time.

Getting Firm Grip

To safely facilitate loading or unloading onto the lift table surface, anti-slip traction tape has also been included in the package. While working on your vehicle, this tape helps reduce any slipping risk by providing increased grip on the platform’s surface for your tires or feet.


  • Heavy gauge steel keeps it from flexing under load
  • Butterfly-shaped foot pedal makes it easier to use
  • Lifting your ATV or motorcycle is easier with the scissor frame 
  • Slip-free bike lift table with traction tape
  • Easy to change tires with the included service jack


  • Definitely a good product, but quite expensive

4. VEVOR Portable Motorcycle Lift Table

VEVOR Portable Motorcycle Lift Table

Make your motorcycle repair a breeze with the VEVOR motorcycle lift tables. Its small, lightweight design and easy-to-use controls make it perfect for anyone looking to lift and work on their bike quickly and safely.

Compact Design

The VEVOR portable motorcycle lift table has been designed with compactness in mind, allowing users to take the table on the go without sacrificing portability. It has a dynamic lift height range of 13.8″ to 34.2″, making it suitable for motorcycles of various sizes.

Portable and Stable

Despite its size, the VEVOR lift table is both portable and stable. Its wheels make it easy to move from place to place without any hassle. As for its solid construction, it stays put once it’s in place.

The rubber padding also adds extra grip, providing superior stability while lifting your motorcycle off the ground. For added safety, several holes are drilled into the sides of this stable hydraulic motorcycle lift so that you can lock it down.

Durable Construction

The majority of this motorcycle lift jack is constructed from heavy-duty steel with a powder-coated finish. that prevents rusting and protects against wear and tear from oil spills or debris buildup during use.

The frame also includes reinforced corners for further durability, providing long-term reliability even under frequent use in mechanic workshops.

User-friendly Interface

This table lift is designed to provide convenience, featuring an intuitive, user-friendly interface. This feature allows users to easily adjust their vehicle’s height with ease via its control knob located at the top side of the table.

Simply twist this knob to increase or decrease the pressure applied to the hydraulic lifts. This allows you to adjust your vehicle according to your preference. Providing ultimate flexibility when working on your motorbike beneath it.


  • Non-skid rubber padding prevents the bike from slipping
  • Easy height adjustment with the hydraulic pressure knob
  • Fits a wide range of motorcycles with ease
  • The locking bar secures the bike in place
  • Compact size for easy transport


  • It may wobble if not assembled correctly

5. Stark USA Motorcycle Lift Table Scissor Jack

Stark USA Motorcycle Lift Table Scissor Jack

For the motorcycle enthusiast searching for a reliable, cost-effective maintenance solution, the Stark USA hydraulic lift table is sure to make all your garage dreams come true. Enjoy its adjustable platform and robust build quality as you work on your bike with ease, no matter what job awaits.

Wide Platform Coverage

The Stark USA motorcycle lift table scissor jack has a wide platform that can span gaps between frame rails and contact more surface area on belly pans. This makes it convenient when lifting heavier motorcycles. It can provide greater stability and support for the bike’s weight.

Aside from that, its design allows for wider coverage, giving users more flexibility when positioning the jack underneath their bike. This feature also ensures that it will work on various bikes, regardless of size and weight.

Heavy Duty Steel Construction

Stark USA lift table uses heavy-duty steel to prevent bending, breaking, and warping over time. The adjustable locking screws further improve stability and safety when loaded with weight.

This ensures that users have peace of mind knowing their bike is securely lifted with no risk of accidental falls or other dangerous accidents occurring while working.

Compatible With Lots of Bikes

This lift table is compatible with many types of motorcycles, including street bikes, cruisers and adventure touring models. Because of the size and weight requirements of dirt bikes, ATVs & UTVs, and snowmobiles, it won’t work with them.

Easy-to-Use System

With the Stark USA lift table, you only have to park your motorcycle and slide your jack underneath it before lifting. Its lightweight design also makes it easier to transport than other bulky jacks on the market today.


  • Made of high-strength steel for durability
  • Wide platform for better stability and support
  • Convenient design for easier positioning
  • Easily spans gaps between frame rails


  • Not for dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, or snowmobiles

Comparison Chart of the 5 Best Motorcycle Lift Tables

Product NameOperating MethodPlatform SizeMaterialLifting CapacityMaximum Lifting Height
VIVOHOMEVH049Foot Pedal14” x 12.5”Alloy Steel1500 lbs15 Inches
Extreme Max‎5001.5083Foot Pedal16.25″ x 13.25″Steel300 lbs34.5 Inches
APlusLiftAP-MT1500XFoot Pedal20″ x 24″Alloy Steel1,500 lbs33 Inches
VEVOR‎300LBSKnob Controlling16.5″ x 13.8 “Alloy Steel300 lbs34.25 Inches
Stark USA‎65127Hank Crank14.5″ x 9″Steel1,000 lbs10.4 Inches

Which Features Are Important In a High-Quality Motorcycle Lift Table?

Which Features Are Important In a High-Quality Motorcycle Lift Table

Motorcycle enthusiasts understand the importance of acquiring a sturdy lift table in order to properly care for their prized rides. But with different features and options available, finding the best motorcycle lift table can be overwhelming.

The key is understanding what matters most when selecting a lift- specifically those that suit individual needs.

Check out these top features of motorcycle lift tables:

Weight Capacity

The first thing to consider when deciding between different motorbike lift tables is weight capacity. It’s essential to ensure that the lift table you choose can safely handle the weight of your motorcycle and any additional accessories you may want to mount on it.

Many manufacturers list the max weight capacity of their motorcycle hydraulic lifts in their product descriptions, so make sure to read up before purchasing one.

Lift Height

The next feature to look at when choosing a high-quality hydraulic motorcycle lift is its lift height. Most hydraulic lifts offer adjustable heights from as low as six inches up to around 36 inches, but some models offer even higher lifts if needed.

When selecting a height, consider how low or high your bike needs to be raised off the ground for it to fit comfortably under your workbench or other equipment.



A motorbike lift table’s durability is also something worth looking into when shopping for a motorbike lift table. Ensure your chosen model has been designed with durable materials that can withstand regular use and won’t easily break down after just a few uses.

Look for heavy-duty steel construction with reinforced legs and base plates built with quality materials like powder-coated steel or zinc-plated aluminum alloy frames.

Safety Features

Safety should also be a top priority when selecting your motorbike lift table, so look for models with reliable safety features like secure locks and straps. So your bike stays securely in place while lifting or lowering it onto the ground.

Additionally, some manufacturers offer optional ramps, making loading much easier and safer by ensuring you and your bike remain safe during operation.


For those who tend to move their bikes around frequently, portability is another feature worth considering when selecting an appropriate motorbike lift table. Some models come with wheeled casters. Due to this, you can move them easily from location to location without having to take them off their stand.

This makes them ideal for garages or workshops where space may often need rearranging due to additional projects taking place.


When looking at compatibility, ensure any model chosen can accommodate all sizes and types of motorcycles. Some might only support certain brands or styles, so ensure yours works before purchasing one.

Also, certain motorcycle lifts may require certain attachment mechanisms before safely raising your bike off the ground. Check these out too, before placing an order so there won’t be any surprises once delivered.

What Is the Proper Way to Lift a Motorcycle on a Lift Table?

What Is the Proper Way to Lift a Motorcycle on a Lift Table

Lifting a motorcycle using a lift table begins with preparing the bike for lifting and ensuring the lift is properly set up and secured. Before getting started, ensure your bike is in neutral gear, the side stand is removed, and any loose items are secured.

Aside from that, be sure to check the maximum weight capacity of your lift table and ensure it can accommodate your bike’s weight. 

To begin lifting, first engage the stabilizing bars and secure them to each side of your bike’s frame. Once secure, you can use a hydraulic pump jack or an electric scissor lift to raise the table to level with the bike’s center of gravity.

It’s important to know how much pressure you’re putting on specific parts so that no damage occurs during lifting. As you raise the motorcycle higher onto the lift table, look for any signs of tipping or instability that could potentially cause harm if not quickly addressed. 

Once at the desired height, you’ll want to ensure that whichever type of table is used creates enough stability for servicing or repairing your motorcycle without risk of injury. If using a hydraulic jack-style lift, ensure all safety measures are in place and working correctly before beginning work on your bike.

If using an electric scissor-style table, ensure that the base and support arms are securely bolted down, so they don’t move while servicing or repairs occur.

Is it Okay to Use a Motorcycle Lift Table for Other Vehicles?

Using a motorcycle lift table for other vehicles can be done, but it is not an ideal solution. Motorbike lift tables are designed specifically for motorcycles and as such, may not provide the best ergonomic access or safety when used with other types of vehicles.

Also, some vehicle components like exhaust systems may not fit properly on motorbike lift tables. They’re too wide to fit on most tables. Also, since most lift tables have a limited lifting capacity, they likely won’t be able to support larger vehicles like trucks or SUVs.

Even if it is possible to use a bike lift table for other small vehicles, such as ATVs, it is important to consider any potential safety risks when doing so. For example, some motorcycle lifts lack guards that could prevent accidental falls or slips while working on the vehicle, which could lead to serious injury in some cases.

Are Motorcycle Lift Tables Good for Long-Term Storage?

Are Motorcycle Lift Tables Good for Long-Term Storage

Motorcycle lifts, such as a scissor lift or Dolly, can be an excellent long-term storage solution for motorcycle owners. They provide a secure place to store a motorcycle and prevent it from being damaged by the elements. By raising the bike, you can do routine maintenance easier, like changing the oil and tires.

They also help to minimize contact between the ground and the frame, preventing corrosion and water damage. Bike lift tables are much more convenient than conventional storage options like racks and stands since they make it easy to access the bike without moving or lifting it.

Secure Your Ride: Invest in a Quality Motorcycle Lift Table

When searching for the best motorcycle lifts, every quality matters, so carefully weigh your options. From unbeatable weight capacity and compatibility to immense security features, each of our top 5 offers robust safety measures that keep you and your bike safe.

However, among them, the VIVOHOME ATV Motorcycle lift table is our top recommendation for its ease of use, durable construction and excellent safety features. This versatile lift table provides easy handling of all types of vehicles securely and quickly.

Whether you’re working on an engine overhaul or just changing oil filters, this is the best motorcycle lift table for getting the job done quickly and safely. Don’t wait any longer. Get yourself a top-of-the-line motorbike lift today.

Best Motorcycle Lift Tables: Top 5 Expert Picks in 2024

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