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Will a Lift Jeep Fit In a Garage: 5 Factors [Must Remember]

Will a Lift Jeep Fit In a Garage

Last Updated on April 11, 2023

If you have visions of a lifted jeep in your garage but aren’t sure if it will fit, look no further. With enough space to spare, that bad boy can easily get parked. The calculation is simple and straightforward, all the car-crazed dreamers need to do is follow this easy formula.

You’ll need to consider the current height of your jeep, plus any lift and tire differences when divided by two, to get your new overall height. With this information, you’ll be able to determine whether or not your jeep can make its way into the garage.

There’s more than meets the eye when considering how and where to park it. You’ll find everything you need in our post to give your newly-lifted ride a place of honor.

Will a Lift Jeep Fit In a Garage: Factors to Consider

What Factors Should You Consider When Putting a Lift Jeep in the Garage

When you’re considering putting an elevated Jeep in your garage, there are a few factors you should consider before going through with the installation. From the type of lift to the height of your garage door and more, it’s essential to consider each factor before making a decision.

Factor #1: Height and Size of the Lifted Jeep

The size and height of your lift jeep are incredibly important when figuring out if it will fit inside your parking garage. Without proper measurements, you run the risk of getting a lifted jeep that is too tall or wide for your current space.

You should also make sure that you have plenty of headroom. Generally, at least 8-12 feet so that you can safely get in and out from underneath your vehicle after lifting it.

Factor #2: Tires and Wheels Type

It’s important to choose a lifted jeep with tires that match those on your car or truck so that they don’t interfere with each other when being lifted or lowered. If you plan on parking it outside, then you may not need to worry too much about this factor.

Conversely, if you plan on storing it indoors, soft rubber tires offer more traction than hard plastic ones, so bear this in mind when selecting a model. You’ll also want to check if wheel chocks are needed for additional stability during use or are included with your purchase.

Factor #3: Identify the Type of Lifted Jeep

In some cases, the type of lifting done on a jeep can affect how well it fits into an average-sized garage. For instance, if you have done a full suspension lift, then your vehicle may sit higher than if only springs were used for lifting purposes.

Because they’re bigger and taller than normal vehicles, they can cause problems when trying to fit them in narrow areas. That’s why you need to know what kind of lift was done on your car before parking in a small garage.

Factor #4: Height Of Garage Door

You can make getting in and out of your garage easier (or harder) by putting your lift Jeep inside at different heights. Whenever possible, use a measuring tape to determine the space available from the bottom of the door frame to the top edge of the doorway.

This will help you know how much clearance is available for things passing through the doorway. This way, you’ll know precisely if the vehicle can comfortably fit through after installation without needing trimming down doors or the platform itself.

Factor #5: Space Inside the Garage

Also, ensure there is enough space left around the sides & back after installing the lifted jeep so that access, maintenance, repair work, etc., can easily be done. You don’t want to end up having a car stuck between walls due to a lack of room to move around freely & accessing underneath parts during servicing.

To make the most of your time when working underneath a vehicle, it is essential to calculate approximate measurements beforehand. This will help to ensure that everything fits perfectly, allowing you to work without obstruction and reducing the potential of costly mistakes.

Can a Lift Jeep Be Disassembled to Fit In a Smaller Garage?

Can a Lift Jeep Be Disassembled to Fit In a Smaller Garage

A lifted Jeep can be disassembled to fit into a smaller garage. The process of disassembly involves removing the top of the vehicle, which allows it to be rolled into the garage on its wheels.

With this mod, the Jeep’s height will be significantly reduced, usually down to 60-70 inches in-stock position, so it’ll fit through garage doors better.

For further reduction and ease of transportation, some components such as bumpers, side steps, light bars, roof racks, or tire carriers can also be removed from the vehicle. After the installation in its new location, these components can easily be reattached for normal use.

Even so, suspension alterations can give you more space even in the tightest spots by reducing ground clearance and creating more interior space. Getting more space in your parking garage can be a great way to maximize storage potential without extending it physically.

What’s the Best Size Garage For a Lifted Jeep?

Lifted Jeep garage size depends on the lift kit and the modifications used. Jeeps that have been raised one to three inches with a standard lift kit that can usually fit in a 6′-6″ or 7′-0″ garage door. In any case, if your Jeep has been raised higher than this, then you will likely need an 8′-0″ door.

Aside from that, it is essential to consider other factors, such as the overall height of your vehicle and any roof racks or accessories that you may have installed. Some lifts also require additional clearance for suspension components, so it is essential to take these into account as well.

If possible, measure the exact dimensions of your Jeep before selecting a garage door size. This will help ensure that the door is wide enough for easy entry and exit of your vehicle without damaging it.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Fit a Lift Jeep In the Garage?

There are some disadvantages to fitting a lifted Jeep in the garage. For example, a lifted Jeep is typically taller than other vehicles, making it difficult to fit through the door frame and inside the garage. It might also require specialized tools or modifications to fit correctly due to the extra height and weight.

As well, a lifted Jeep can handle more tough terrain than an ordinary car or truck, but it also wears down brakes and suspension parts faster. Meaning that such vehicles require more frequent maintenance and repair work.

Also, because of their size, lifting kits for a jeep wrangler jk or a jeep gladiator are often more expensive than those for smaller cars or trucks. This expense could mean that installation costs for such a vehicle would be significantly higher than average.

Is It Necessary to Use A Lift In a Garage to Work On a Lifted Jeep?

Is It Necessary to Use A Lift In a Garage to Work On a Lifted Jeep

While it is not strictly necessary to service a lifted Jeep using a car lift in a garage, many advantages make it preferable, such as improved safety and convenience. By using a car lift, the mechanic has greater access to the underside of the vehicle and can easily adjust its height as needed.

This enables them to work without needing to bend over or reach awkwardly into difficult-to-access areas. In addition, using a car lift helps ensure that all Jeep parts are properly secured before starting any maintenance or repair tasks.

Also, lifts often feature guard rails and other technologies that can help reduce risks associated with working on an elevated vehicle. Ultimately, although it is possible to perform repair or maintenance on a lifted Jeep without using a suspension lift kit, doing so is neither safe nor convenient.

Does a Jeep With 35-Inch Tires Fit In the Garage?

It depends on the size of the garage. Generally speaking, 35-inch tires on a Jeep will fit in most single-car garages that are around 12 to 14 feet wide and 20 to 24 feet long. Then again, if your garage is shorter or narrower than this, it’s unlikely that the Jeep will fit.

If you want to ensure your vehicle will fit, you can always measure your garage’s interior dimensions to get an accurate idea of what will and won’t fit. In addition, other factors we mentioned above can also play a role in determining if the Jeep with 35-inch tires fits in the garage or not.

Taming the Monster: Fitting a Lift Jeep in Your Garage

Though a lifted jeep may seem too big to fit in a garage, with careful calculations and measurements, it can be done. Don’t let its size deter you. Take the time necessary to ensure your success. With precision planning, even tight spaces won’t stand a chance against the power of determination.

But safety comes first. Planning and preparation are vital to ensuring your lift jeep can be tucked away securely in the home garage. Taking all of those necessary precautions will make sure that you, your vehicle, and everyone around it has a safe place to keep out of harm’s way.

Will a Lift Jeep Fit In a Garage: 5 Factors [Must Remember]

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