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Can You Lift a Jeep Grand Cherokee With Air Suspension: 6 Reasons

Can You Lift a Jeep Grand Cherokee With Air Suspension

Last Updated on May 7, 2023

Have you ever wanted to lift your Jeep Grand Cherokee to the perfect height? Whatever the purpose: better off-road performance, more ground clearance, or a more aggressive look. It’s now possible with the advanced air suspension system installed on many versions of this iconic 4×4.

With the advanced ride-height system specially designed for Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can confidently take on any type of terrain. Enjoy an impressive range from a low park setting at 4.1 inches to a maximum off-road height of 10.6 inches without sacrificing comfort or performance in your day-to-day driving experience.

So read on to learn more about how this incredible suspension system works and what benefits you can expect from lifting your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Can You Lift a Jeep Grand Cherokee With Air Suspension: Reasons

What Are the Reasons to Lift a Jeep Grand Cherokee with Air Suspension

Introducing an air suspension system to a Jeep Grand Cherokee is a great way to increase its overall off-road capability. It can result in improved ground clearance, the ability to fit larger off-road wheels and tires, better traction control, and better steering capability.

Detailed explanations of each of these reasons:

Increased Off-Road Capability

Using an air suspension lift system on your Grand Cherokee will significantly increase the vehicle’s performance when traveling off the beaten path. With the airbags installed properly, you can raise the vehicle’s body several inches higher than normal and create more space for larger tires to be used on rougher ground.

Plus, with this extra height comes greater approach and departure angles that make it easier to climb steep inclines or descend large hills without getting high-centered or hung up on rocks.

Improved Ground Clearance

By raising the body of your Grand Cherokee several inches up from its standard ride height with an air lift kit system. As a result, you’ll be able to get better ground clearance. This allows you to navigate through deep mud pits or over boulders without scraping the bottom of your vehicle.

The increased ground clearance also helps prevent bottoming out over dips in roads or when driving off-road across uneven terrain.

Better Traction Control

A Jeep Grand Cherokee requires the right combination of tires and suspension systems to ensure a safe and enjoyable drive. When coupled with an air suspension system, changing to a larger size can make a huge difference, even though many owners prefer keeping the stock tire size.

Not only will this greatly increase your grip on any terrain, but it can also provide improved stability during cornering both on and off road. The larger contact patch of the tire creates more control allowing for a smoother drive even over rough surfaces.

Enhanced Articulation for Navigating Difficult Terrain

As we already mentioned when discussing how an air suspension system increases ground clearance for your Cherokee jeep. Aside from that, it helps with articulation, which is essential for navigating difficult terrains, such as ravines filled with boulders or switchback turns on steep hillsides.

With enhanced articulation, your jeep will be able to swing into any angle available. Allowing it to traverse challenging obstacles uninterrupted so that you can keep moving forward towards wherever adventure may take you next.

Improved Appearance And Style

Lifting a Grand Cherokee jeep using air suspension increases its capabilities and makes it look better. It adds height and a rugged look that’ll turn heads. It changes the silhouette of your vehicle drastically, making it stand out from other cars.

Its size makes anyone who sees it appreciate its unique style, which includes custom bumpers, rims, side steps, etc. Even if you don’t plan on taking part in off-roading activities.

Increased Power Transfer Ability

You can add horsepower to your Jeep by installing an air suspension lift kit. Increasing wheel travel range (especially important when traversing rocky roads) means less energy is lost due to wheel spin.

Because all four tires are able to stay firmly planted onto rough surfaces instead of bouncing around, which leads to an increase in fuel efficiency. Also, larger tires create less drag due to their lighter weight than standard ones.

How Does Jeep Grand Cherokee Air Suspension Work?

How Does Jeep Grand Cherokee Air Suspension Work

The Jeep Grand Cherokee’s air suspension system is a complex engineering marvel providing improved ride quality and overall driving experience. The system consists of various components, including air springs, struts, shocks, and a compressor.

The air springs are the primary part of the suspension, as they are what raise and lower the vehicle depending on road conditions. When you hit a bump or dip in the road, these springs compress and expand to absorb shocks and create a smoother ride for both driver and passengers.

Air struts in air suspension systems are basically extensions of air springs, which provide additional support against bumps and dips in the road surface. They keep the car’s ride height no matter how much weight it’s carrying. As a result, they keep the vehicle level regardless of terrain changes or bumps it may encounter. 

The shocks are also part of the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s air suspension system. They help cushion any “harsh” impacts from bumps or rough roads and also let you control how much force is absorbed by each corner of the car. 

In this way, all four wheels are properly planted on the ground at all times, meaning a better grip for better handling.

The compressor supplies each component in the air suspension system with air pressure to keep them functioning properly. Without this vital piece of equipment, none of them would be able to do their jobs properly, resulting in an uncomfortable ride for all occupants inside.

How Long Does Grand Cherokee Jeep Air Suspension Last?

The typical lifespan of a Grand Cherokee jeep air suspension system is between 80,000 and 100,000 miles. Beyond this mileage mark, the rubber bladder will start to dry out, and cracks can form around the base of the piston.

Air suspension systems last for a long time depending on several factors, like dirt or debris getting in, how often they’re driven, and how well they’re maintained. Regular maintenance, such as checking for wear and tear on components, changing filters, and topping up fluids, prolonging the life of an air lift.

How Can You Find a Quality Air Lift Suspension That Lasts Long?

To find a durable air lift suspension that can withstand regular usage, start your search by making sure it fits well with your vehicle. Then go one step further and make sure only premium materials are used to craft its components and engineering designed to stay resilient amid regular use will guarantee long-lasting performance.

Next, look for a suspension system that offers high adjustability as this will enable you to fine-tune the suspension to suit your specific requirements. It is also essential to verify the load capacity of the suspension to make sure it can carry the weight of your vehicle without any interruption.

To find the best air lift suspension for your Jeep Grand Cherokee, it’s important to do your research. There are a wide variety of air lift suspension systems on the market, each with unique features and benefits. Reading reviews and comparing different options will help you to make the right decision.

We have already reviewed the top rated air lift suspension models out there, saving time for everyone involved. So look at what we have put together and compare product specifications until you find one that works perfectly for you.

Do Jeep Grand Cherokees with air suspension work well for daily use?

Do Jeep Grand Cherokees with air suspension work well for daily use

Generally speaking, yes. A Grand Cherokee with an air suspension system can provide a comfortable ride no matter the terrain or road conditions. It offers superior handling capabilities over traditional shock absorbers. As well as providing additional support and cushioning when driving over rough terrain.

The air suspension system also helps reduce vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces, which results in a smoother drive overall. Proper maintenance and regular checkups will ensure that your jeep’s air lift kit continues to perform to its fullest potential on a daily basis.

How Often Should Jeep Grand Cherokee’s Air Suspension Be Serviced?

Regular servicing of air suspensions on Jeep Grand Cherokees is recommended every 50,000 miles or so. 

However, it is advisable to check and inspect the air springs more frequently than this. This will ensure that any potential issues with your air suspension are identified early and can be addressed to maintain its optimal performance.

Regular vehicle inspections are essential as part of good vehicle maintenance practices. This will prevent unexpected problems arising from wear and tear or breakdown due to malfunctioning components.

Does Cold Weather Affect the Jeep Grand Cherokee Air Suspension?

The cold weather can affect a Jeep Grand Cherokee’s air suspension system due to spring hardening and brittleness caused by low temperatures. When temperatures drop below freezing (32°F), this can cause certain components in the suspension system too.

For example, rubber bushings, plastic parts and metal components become brittle and less flexible than usual, leading to increased body roll when cornering or navigating uneven terrain. This can also lead to premature wear of certain parts due to increased friction caused by these reduced levels of flexibility.

To ensure an air suspension system provides maximum performance and lasts as long as possible, it is important to maintain it properly. This includes regularly inspecting all components for signs of damage and using specialized lubricants when necessary.

Do Jeep Grand Cherokee Air Suspensions Leak?

Do Jeep Grand Cherokee Air Suspensions Leak

As Jeep Grand Cherokee air suspensions age, they become vulnerable to leaks caused by rusted or worn parts. Gradually, these components can give way and result in a slow but steady loss of suspension power.

If a leak is present, it can cause several issues, including sagging suspension kits, poor performance, long air-up times, and potentially damage to other components due to underinflation or overinflation.

Note: Whenever your air suspension parts go out, you should get them professionally inspected as soon as possible.

Don’t Be Left Behind: Upgrade Your Jeep with Air Suspension Power

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why installing an air suspension system on your Grand Cherokee jeep is a great idea. Not only will you get increased power and agility on rugged terrain, but it’s also the perfect way to make your vehicle look more stylish while increasing safety through improved cornering control.

More importantly, with proper maintenance, these systems can last for many years. Providing years of reliable performance and an optimal driving experience. So, an air suspension system is worth considering if you want to upgrade your vehicle for both on- and off-road adventures.

Can You Lift a Jeep Grand Cherokee With Air Suspension: 6 Reasons

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