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Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL VS 5000: 6 Differences [Covered]

Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL VS 5000

Last Updated on March 19, 2023

Are you looking for a reliable air lift system to help carry heavy loads in your truck? If so, you’ve probably heard of the Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL and 5000 series. But do you know what the differences between the two are?

The major difference between these two systems is that the 7500 XL has double-bellow air springs while the 5000 has double-convoluted air springs and both have internal jounce bumpers to prevent bottom-out. Also, the 7500s need a lower PSI of air pressure to support the same load as the smaller 5000 series.

Aside from that, load capacity, PSI settings, vehicle compatibility and more differences must be considered when deciding between these two LoadLifter systems.

This blog post aims to explain how these differences differ and why a LoadLifter may appear bouncy when in use. Read on if you’re considering investing in an air lift system for your truck, RV, jeep, or SUV, so you know what you’re getting.

Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL VS 5000: Differences

Differences between Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL Vs. 5000

The airlift LoadLifter 7500 XL and 5000 are popular air suspension systems designed to increase hauling capacity and reduce strain on your vehicle’s existing suspension. Here are some key differences between the two systems.

01: Air Springs

LoadLifter 7500 XL has double-bellow air springs, while LoadLifter 5000 has double-convoluted air springs. The bellows design of the 7500 XL allows for a greater air spring volume than the double-convoluted design used in the 5000.

This contributes to a higher load capacity for the 7500 XL and increases ride quality by reducing road shock and vibrations inside the cab. Because the bellows are larger in size compared to those on a convoluted setup, it is also more adjustable and can provide better stability when carrying heavier loads.

02: Internal Jounce Bumpers

LoadLifter 5000 and 7500 XL have internal jounce bumpers to improve ride quality by absorbing shock from road bumps and other irregularities. But, due to its larger size, LoadLifter 7500 XL is able to absorb more shock than its smaller counterpart, providing a much smoother ride overall.

At the same time, due to its increased adjustability, it can be set up to deliver maximum performance while carrying heavier loads with minimal bouncing or swaying felt in the cab of the vehicle.

03: Load Capacity

The most crucial difference between these two models lies in their load capacity. The LoadLifter 7500 XL has an impressive maximum load capacity of up to 7,500 lbs, significantly higher than the 5,000 lbs offered by the 5000 version.

This makes it ideal for people who need extra power when hauling heavy equipment or materials and those who want extra protection against potential damages incurred during transit.

04: PSI Settings

The LoadLifter 7500 XL and LoadLifter 5000 air spring kits can both be adjusted to different PSI settings depending on the load and the desired stiffness of the ride.

A LoadLifter 7500 XL is designed for heavy-duty trucks, commercial vehicles, and other large vehicles. In contrast, a LoadLifter 5000 is suitable for pickup trucks, SUVs, and vans weighing one to two tons.

The recommended PSI settings for the two kits will therefore differ depending on vehicle type and weight of the load.

For example, heavy-duty trucks should use a PSI setting between 5 and 100 with the LoadLifter 7500 XL kit. On the other hand, with the LoadLifter 5000 kit, it is safe to run at zero air pressure.

05: Vehicle Compatibility

LoadLifter 7500 XL is designed specifically for heavy-duty trucks and commercial vehicles, while LoadLifter 5000 is suitable for one or half-ton pickup trucks, SUVs, and vans. This means that if your vehicle falls into either of these categories, you can use either of these air spring kits.

But, if your vehicle falls outside of these categories, then it would be best to use a different set of air springs as neither kit will be compatible with your vehicle.

06: Ride Quality

When considering ride quality, it’s essential to take into account both kits’ size differences. In this case, the LoadLifter 7500 XL has larger air springs than those found on the LoadLifter 5000 kit.

As a result of this difference in size, when comparing ride quality between the two kits, you’d expect an overall smoother ride from using the LoadLifter 7500 XL kit due to its larger air springs providing more cushioning during travel.

Why Should You Install Air Lift LoadLifter to Your Vehicle?

Why Should You Install Air Lift LoadLifter to Your Vehicle

Improved Towing Performance

Installing an air lift LoadLifter 7500 XL or 5000 system is a great way to improve the stability and handling of your vehicle while towing. The air lift LoadLifter system uses air springs that provide superior load leveling and support, significantly reducing sway, squatting, and bottoming out under heavy loads.

This adds greater stability and improves braking performance by ensuring that weight is evenly distributed on all four wheels. Also, because the suspension is adjustable, you can customize it to suit your needs, allowing you to fine-tune the ride quality for your specific driving situation.

Better Ride Quality

The airlift LoadLifter system helps provide a smoother and more comfortable ride due to its load-leveling air springs. When carrying heavy loads or towing, the air springs help reduce the impact of bumps and rough roads, leading to a much more enjoyable driving experience.

It also helps keep the tires in contact with the road surface, increasing grip and improving handling. The suspension’s adjustability allows you to customize your ride quality depending on how much load you are carrying or what you are towing so you can always get maximum performance.

Easy Adjustability

Its adjustability is the most significant advantage of installing an airlift LoadLifter 7500 XL or 5000 system. The system allows you to easily increase or decrease air pressure in the air springs depending on the load you carry or the terrain you drive on.

This means that your suspension will be tailored exactly for whatever situation you find yourself in, allowing you to maximize performance while still getting a comfortable ride quality.

Longer Suspension Life

An airlift like the LoadLifter 7500 XL or 5000 is one of the best ways to prolong your vehicle’s suspension life. By distributing the weight of your load evenly across all four tires, you can reduce wear and tear on individual components.

An airlift LoadLifter also improves the ride quality of your vehicle, reducing jarring and vibration caused by uneven road surfaces. In addition to extending the life of your suspension system, an airlift LoadLifter will help you save short- and long-term money by decreasing fuel consumption and increasing tire life.

Quick Installation

The airlift LoadLifter 7500 XL or 5000 is designed with convenience in mind and can be installed quickly without any drilling necessary in most cases. As such, it’s a great option for those who don’t have time or don’t want to go through the hassle of installing a complete suspension system.

With minimal tools required, you can install it yourself in just a few hours or have it done professionally if you prefer. Either way, you’ll have a fully functioning suspension system that will provide superior protection for all your loads while remaining comfortable during trips, long or short.

Does Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL Make a Big Difference?

Does Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL Make a Big Difference

The Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL is an advanced airbag suspension system that helps to provide additional stability and control to your vehicle. It improves the driver’s handling, road grip, and overall safety.

This is due to the airbags, which support a load of your vehicle when it’s unevenly distributed and increase the contact patch between the tires and the ground for more traction.

Combining an airbag plus a lap and shoulder belt also helps reduce the risk of death in frontal crashes by 61%, compared to just 50% for a lap belt alone and 34% for an airbag alone.

Does Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Increase Payload Capacity?

Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 is explicitly designed to improve ride quality, handling, stability, and overall safety on vehicles carrying large payloads. The system distributes weight evenly throughout the suspension components while providing additional lift capacity.

While this type of system does not actually increase payload capacities, it can significantly affect how your vehicle handles when carrying heavy loads by improving balance and preventing overloading certain areas of your suspension.

It can also help enhance highway safety by reducing swaying caused by strong winds or passing large trucks.

Why Is My Air Lift LoadLifter So Bouncy?

Bouncy vehicles are usually caused by the weak suspension or when the load is too heavy for what the suspension can handle. To remedy this, you should increase the air pressure in your airlift LoadLifter to help distribute weight evenly across the suspension system and reduce bounce.

And it is also important to ensure that your tires are properly inflated, as this will improve handling and reduce impacts on uneven terrain which could cause excessive bouncing.

Which LoadLifter Is Right for Your Vehicle?

The decision between an airlift LoadLifters 5500 XL model or the 5000 version should be based on how much cargo you intend to haul and what type of suspension system your particular truck employs.

When choosing the 7500 XL is more appropriate for heavier loads and vehicles with factory air suspension systems. At the same time, the 5000 is a better option for lighter hauling needs and those without built-in air suspension.

On each model, you can expect superior load-leveling capacity and ride quality, but it’s crucial to consider PSI ratings and internal jounce bumpers before making your final decision.

You can always trust that whichever LoadLifter you choose will support your cargo reliably for many years.

Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL VS 5000: 6 Differences [Covered]

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