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Air Lift vs Sumosprings: 6 Things [Must Learn]

Air Lift vs Sumosprings

Last Updated on March 19, 2023

Installing Air Lift or Sumosprings is a way to improve your vehicle’s handling, stability and comfort while towing heavy loads. But how do you know which system is best for your vehicle?

Air Lift is more suitable if you’re looking for a system with higher levels of versatility, while SumoSprings is great for providing varying load supports with superior damping properties.

Both systems demonstrate unique benefits, such as load capacity with shock absorption to balance and comfort. Long-term durability, fast installation times, and reasonable costs for any desired customization or versatility are guaranteed.

Depending on your specific needs, one may be more suited than the other. To help simplify this decision-making process, let’s compare two different systems side by side to determine what will work most effectively for any given scenario.

Air Lift vs Sumosprings: What’s the Difference?

Air Lift vs Sumosprings What’s the Difference

Vehicle owners looking to bolster their ride’s load support, stability, and longevity are presented with two distinct suspension solutions: Air Lift and SumoSprings. Each technology offers its own unique benefits, which make them specialized for different applications, ensuring every driver finds the perfect fit

1. Load Capacity with Shock Absorption

Regarding shock absorption, SumoSprings provide a better ride quality than airbags due to their superior dampening abilities compared to 10% stretch rate of airbags.

They are designed with progressive spring rates providing superior damping properties to absorb road shock while supporting heavy loads for towing. Their progressive spring rate helps provide a smoother ride over bumps in the road while also supporting heavy loads.

On the other hand, Air Lift offers adjustable air pressure so you can customize your ride according to your individual needs. The air pressure also helps reduce impact from bumps in the road for a smoother ride while towing.

2. Stability and Comfort

SumoSprings and Air Lift offer improved stability and comfort compared to factory suspension components.

SumoSprings reduce body roll when carrying heavy loads, improving the overall ride quality and providing passengers with a safer driving experience. The stiffness of SumoSprings allows them to maintain their shape longer than traditional springs or shocks, resulting in less body roll during cornering or uneven roads.

Their progressive spring design provides better dampening, leading to a more comfortable ride overall.

Airbags don’t provide enough sway reduction, but they do add extra cushioning to the ride making it more comfortable. With air lift systems, drivers have control over how soft or stiff they would like their system to be via adjustable air pressure settings.

It allows them to tailor their suspension setup according to their personal preferences.

3. Durability

While Air Lift airbags can develop cracks and leaks over time, SumoSprings are designed to be leak-proof. It allows them to last longer without needing replacement parts or repairs.

The design of the SumoSpring allows for unlimited travel, meaning they won’t wear down easily and will provide a consistently smooth ride.

Air Lift may be subject to damage when carrying heavy objects due to its exposure above the frame line, making contact easier.

SumoSprings lower profile design prevents them from being exposed as much and keeps them out of harm’s way during regular driving conditions. SumoSprings unique leaf spring design helps prevent wheel hops experienced at higher speeds.

It makes them ideal for drag racing applications where precision control is required at high-speed maneuvers.

4. Maintenance

Both Air Lift and SumoSpring require minimal maintenance. However, Air Lift may require more frequent maintenance due to potential air bag leaks or other issues related to their valves or hoses.

On the other hand, SumoSpring springs are virtually maintenance-free since they don’t have any valves or hoses that need to be checked regularly.

5. Installation Time and Cost

When comparing installation time and cost, AirLift requires additional components such as valves, hoses, or compressors prior to installation. It can add time as well as cost to the overall installation process.

SumoSprings typically have a bolt-on installation process that does not require bolts or plugs, making it simpler and faster than some other suspension upgrades.

In terms of cost, both suspensions can vary depending on the kit selected. But typically, the cost associated with an AirLift suspension upgrade tends to be higher than those with a SumoSpring kit due to additional parts needed in order to install it properly.

6. Customization and Versatility

Air Lift offers the greatest customization for increasing your vehicle’s load-carrying capacity. With multiple airbags in various sizes, their adjustable design allows you to fine-tune the support needed for any given load.

On the other hand, SumoSprings are limited in terms of customizability as they only come in a few sizes. But these lift kits can provide adequate support for light or moderate-duty applications such as RV camping or even light-duty towing.

What is Better SumoSprings or Airbags?

What is Better SumoSprings or Airbags

Suspension upgrades for your vehicle can significantly impact its air lift performance. When selecting which option to go with, two popular choices are Air Lift and SumoSprings.

Air Lift is best for those who need more versatility and customization options, as it can be adjusted to different levels of stiffness depending on the weight of the load and driving conditions.

SumoSprings are ideal for those needing a higher load capacity with shock absorption, stability and comfort, durability, low maintenance, and faster installment time and cost. Ultimately, the best solution will depend on what you’re trying to achieve with your suspension upgrade.

Is It Worth Having Air Ride Suspension?

It is definitely worth having air ride suspension as it offers many benefits. It provides better shock absorption, which helps protect your vehicle from damage when driving on rough roads or off-road terrain.

It also helps reduce noise, harshness, and vibration on the road, providing a more comfortable ride experience.

Is Air Suspension Better for Towing?

An air suspension kit is better for towing compared to traditional steel coil springs. It allows for quick adjustment to make the suspension firmer when hooking up your travel trailer, truck camper, or boat. This helps reduce sway and improve control when hauling heavier loads over uneven terrain.

What is the Purpose of Sumosprings?

What is the Purpose of Sumosprings

The purpose of Sumo springs kits is to improve the ride quality and handling performance of vehicles that are subject to heavy loading or towing. They help reduce rear-end sag, decrease vibration, and soften harsh rebounds.

With the improved stability provided by Sumosprings, towing with confidence becomes easier while providing a safe and comfortable journey for everyone in the vehicle.

Can You Use Sumosprings on a Lifted Truck?

If you have a lifted truck, Sumo springs provide the perfect solution. Their two-piece design offers unlimited vertical suspension travel and improved ride quality and stability, so you can enjoy a smoother driving experience.

Plus, with their heavy-duty material and tailored fit to your suspension system, installation is easy and hassle-free. With all their features put together, it’s no surprise that Sumosprings are the ideal choice for lifted trucks.

Do Sumosprings Increase Payload?

Sumo springs increase payload capacity by providing additional support for the suspension system. This helps distribute weight evenly across the axle for improved handling and stability and increased carrying capacity.

Do Sumosprings Change Ride Height?

Sumosprings do not change ride height as they are designed to work with your vehicle’s existing suspension system. It provides additional support and load distribution to improve its overall performance without affecting the ride height.

Improve Your Truck’s Ride Quality with Air Lift or Sumo Springs

When it comes to finding the right suspension system for your hauling needs, airlift and Sumo springs are both great options that provide different benefits depending on your specific requirements. Deciding which suspension product is right for you depends on the specific needs of your vehicle and your own preferences.

If you want superior damping properties with varying load support, then SumoSprings could be the answer. If customizing your vehicle to suit your needs is important, then Air Lift might be better suited. Regardless of your chosen product, both can help improve your truck’s ride quality.

Air Lift vs Sumosprings: 6 Things [Must Learn]

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