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Best Kayak Lift Assist: Top 5 in 2024 [Ensure Safety]

Kayak Lift Assist

Last Updated on March 25, 2023

Kayaking is an enjoyable way to get out and explore nature, but loading and unloading a kayak can be tricky, especially if you do it yourself.

That’s why having the best kayak lift assist is essential for any avid kayaker. They make loading and unloading your kayak easier and faster by preventing damage, and they reduce the risk of injury.

The highest quality kayak loader with lift assist should come with a heavy-duty aluminum bar that is lightweight yet robust. Its powerful suction cups provide a secure grip, and foam pads provide added comfort and security. With this lift assist, you can easily transport and store your kayak without any hassle.

Five ideal kayak lift assists have been reviewed carefully in this article to safely and securely load and unload your kayak. You can identify which is perfect for your needs. Read on to find out why having the right kayak loader lift assist is essential for safe and enjoyable trips out on the water.

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5 Best Kayak Lift Assist: Detailed Reviews

The kayak lift assist is a revolutionary way to transport kayaks with ease. This lightweight lift system eliminates the need for multiple people to help lift when transporting multiple kayaks.

Consider these five kayak lift options:

1. Codinter Kayak Roller Lift Assist

Codinter Kayak Roller Lift Assist

Enjoy effortless kayak loading with Codinter’s kayak lift assist. This personal kayak-loading assistant is designed to help you lift your kayak quickly and safely onto the car window. With the latest roller design technology, this product provides secure mounting for most car models and kayaks.

Innovative Design & Features

The Codinter kayak roller lift assist features a unique roller design that makes lifting your kayak effortless and quick, allowing you to load it onto your car window without needing additional help or lifting assistance from others.

Its C-type heavy-duty aluminum bars provide maximum security on car window radians of all sizes. Also, the innovative 360-degree foam pad helps protect your hull from scratches or dents while lifting or handling your kayaks.

Secure Mounting on Car Window

This kayak lift assist provides a secure mounting solution that fits onto most car windows regardless of the size or shape of the radians. Its two strong suction cups (with 220 lbs load capacity) ensure a tight fit when placed on the surface area. Also, the foam mounting type helps prevent slips or falls from occurring.

Compatible with Most Car Models & Kayaks

One of the best features of Codinter’s lift assist is its compatibility. With both traditional car models as well as modern ones, its adjustable design can be tailored toward different angles present on windows of all shapes and sizes.

This product can also be used on most kayaks, including sit-inside models such as touring or sit-atop ones, depending on how long/wide they are.

Convenient 360° Foam Pad Protection

As mentioned earlier, this product comes with an innovative 360° foam pad, which helps protect both your vessel’s hull and your hands from scratches or dents during the lifting and handling processes.

Perfect Solution For Solo Loaders

If you’re planning on transporting your kayaks without needing help from others, then Codinter’s kayak lift assist could be just what you need. It has all the necessary features and provides additional protection against scratches via its convenient 360-degree foam pad.


  • Makes kayak loading easier and quicker
  • Roller design allows for smooth and effortless lifting
  • Compatible with most kayak and car models
  • Specially designed for different rear windows
  • 360-degree foam pad for hull protection
  • Heavy-duty C-type aluminum bars
  • 2 strong suction cups provide a secure fit
  • Personal kayak-loading assistant for solo loading


  • Doesn’t fit a 2003 Subaru Forester with a spoiler

2. TOURFUN Kayak Loader Assist Lift

TOURFUN Kayak Loader Assist Lift

Introducing the TOURFUN loader assist lift for kayak, an innovative device designed to make loading kayaks easier and safer. This loader assist lift is ideal for any water enthusiast, built with robust aluminum tubing and suction cups for a secure grip.

Durability of Aviation-Grade Aluminum Tube

The TOURFUN kayak assist lift is made with an aviation-grade aluminum tube that can easily hold up to 220 pounds. This durable material ensures that this product will last for years and can withstand even the roughest weather conditions.

Not only does this feature provide long-term reliability, but it also ensures that your kayak won’t suffer from unnecessary strain or damage when being loaded onto your vehicle.

A Secure Grip with Suction Cups

This loader assist lift has two suction cups that can attach firmly to either flat or curved car rear windows without hassle. These suction cups are designed to close tightly for better grip and won’t leave permanent marks on your car window when you need to remove it.

Moreover, these suction cups are environmentally friendly, meaning no chemical smells or toxins will be released into the air upon use.

Hourglass Shape Rolling for Safer Descent

When you’re ready to unload your kayak from your vehicle, the TOURFUN Kayak Loader Assist Lift features an hourglass shape rolling resistance which allows for a safer and slower descent.

This unique design prevents sudden movements or jolts during the unloading process that could damage your equipment or cause harm to yourself or those around you.

Load Your Kayak Easily Without Extra Help

Loading a kayak alone can be tedious, but not with this loader-assist lift. This assist lift allows one to load kayaks easily without seeking extra help from friends and family, making it more accessible.

Plus, all necessary parts come included in the package and an instruction manual, so you can start using this product immediately without worrying about compatibility issues or missing pieces.

No More Physical Strains on Your Body

By utilizing the Tourfun kayak loader assist lift, you’ll no longer have to worry about putting too much strain on your body while lifting heavy objects such as kayaks onto vehicles. Especially if you have back problems or other physical limitations.


  • Close suction cups to get a better grip
  • Two mounting directions for maximum protection
  • The hourglass shape provides a safer and slower descent
  • Environmentally friendly soft foam without a chemical smell
  • Suction cup marks left no marks behind
  • Aviation grade aluminum tubing with 210 pounds load capacity
  • Allows one person to load a kayak without extra help


  • Not suitable for spoiler-equipped cars or big kayaks

3. Bonsing Kayak Roof Lift Assist

Bonsing Kayak Roof Lift Assist

Ready to take your kayaking experience to the next level? The Bonsing kayak lift assist is the perfect solution for transporting your kayak safely and securely. With its easy setup, 360-degree rolling foam technology, and compact design, this lift is the ultimate choice for anyone who loves being out on the water.

Lightweight Design

The Bonsing lift assist for kayaks is made from lightweight aluminum, making it perfect for those looking for an easy way to transport their kayaks with minimal effort.

It weighs 1.98 pounds and can lift up to 220 lbs, providing reliable support for even large kayaks. Its design also contours easily to fit any car’s curvature for added stability during transport.

Secure Suction Cups

This kayak roof lift assist has two heavy-duty rubber suction cups that secure mounting on flat, curved windows at two angles. These suction cups guarantee that your kayak will stay firmly in place throughout your travels without leaving any marks or scratches on your car’s surface.

Easy Installation

Setting up the Bonsing kayak roof lift assist is quick and easy thanks to its included installation tools, such as soft cloth and screws. Also, it comes with big soft foam rollers that make pushing your kayak onto the roof of your car effortlessly simple while protecting it from scratches and dents during loading.

Compact & Portable

When not in use, this kayak roof lift assist can be easily stored away due to its small size and compact design, allowing you to save space when necessary. Moreover, its light weight makes it perfect for carrying with you if needed, ensuring you always have what you need wherever you go.


  • Conforms to the curve of the car for secure loading
  • Lifts up to 220 lbs, suitable for small and big kayaks
  • Mounts easily with two rubber suction cups
  • Two angles to mount to flat or curved windows
  • Suction cups leave no marks or scratches on the car
  • Soft foam rollers protect the kayak from scratches and dents
  • 360-degree rolling foam makes it easy to push the kayak


  • You might have trouble with setting angles on a car roof

4. INNO Rooftop Kayak Lift Assist

INNO Rooftop Kayak Lift Assist

The INNO kayak lift assist is an innovative car rack designed for sports enthusiasts looking for a convenient and secure way to transport their kayaks or canoes on the roof of their vehicle. It features a universal mounting system that fits most factory crossbars and an easy clamp-on installation.

Convenient Universal Mounting System

This lift-assist kayak roof rack has an innovative universal mounting system that allows mounting on aero, square, round, and most factory cross roof bars.

This means you can use this car rack even if you don’t have an existing crossbar system installed on your vehicle, making it incredibly convenient for those who are always on the go.

Adaptable L-Shaped Arm to Transport

Transporting your kayak or canoe doesn’t have to be a hassle with this kayak lift assist car rack. Its foldable L shape arm allows easy loading without damaging your car’s body coating or mirrors, ensuring your safety and the longevity of your vehicle’s paint job!

Locks and Keys Included to Protect Your Gear

With the INNO rooftop kayak lift assist, you can confidently moor your kayak or canoe with the included locks and keys. You’ll never have to worry about theft again while enjoying nature with friends or family.

Easy Clamp-On Installation

No need to schedule a professional appointment so that you can install your new car lift-assist kayak rack.

Setting up the INNO lift assist only takes minutes with its easy clamp-on installation feature. Simply attach it onto any existing crossbar system for quick setup, perfect for when you’re short of time but still want to get out onto the water.

Durability And Quality Assured

This kayak lift rack is made from high-quality metal, ensuring it can withstand even rugged outdoor conditions without compromising function or aesthetics. Plus, with its 8.8 lb weight capacity, you can rest assured that your gear will stay safely and securely attached during transit.


  • Universal mounting system that fits most factory crossbars
  • Foldable L-shaped arm makes loading easy
  • Protecting the car’s body coating and mirrors
  • Protect your gear with locks and keys included


  • Taking the rack on and off is difficult

5. REEYAK Lift Assist Kayak Loader

REEYAK Lift Assist Kayak Loader

Get the REEYAK lift assist loader and load or unload kayaks effortlessly from your vehicle’s rear window. This aluminum loader is sturdy and durable, designed with special features to make loading and transporting your kayak and vehicle easy.

Kayak Loading & Unloading Made Easy

With its innovative design, the REEYAK kayak loader makes it easier to securely attach a kayak to your vehicle.

Its higher clearance allows for more room between suction cups, which provides a stronger grip on curved or flat windows. In contrast, its environmentally friendly foam rollers provide an hourglass shape for added safety.

Heavy-Duty Design to Reduce Physical Effort

Constructed with heavy-gauge aluminum tubing and a 220-pound maximum load capacity, this loader will handle all your loading needs.

Not only does it reduce physical exertion on the body, but it also includes a cleaning towel that ensures a clean window surface before installation. Moreover, its unique design prevents permanent marks from being left on your vehicle’s window after installation.

Easily Installable & Built to Last

The REEYAK lift assist kayak loader is incredibly easy to install and use due to its simple suction cup installation process. It can be quickly attached to any rear window without any tools or additional equipment required. Its construction makes it durable enough to take on even the toughest journeys.

Compact Design Ensures Better Grip

This lift assist has a higher clearance design, perfect for vehicles with roof antennas. It also has a compact space between its suction cups, ensuring a better grip on flat or curved windows. Its installation marks are easily removable and won’t cause permanent marks on the window surface.

Reduces Physical Effort & Strain

The kayak loader makes carrying and loading a kayak much easier than doing it manually. It reduces physical effort and strain on the body while providing maximum protection to the kayak and the vehicle during transportation. As a bonus, it’s easy to use and install, so you’ll be ready to go in no time.


  • Higher clearance design for a kayak with roof antennas
  • Compact spacing between suction cups for better grip
  • Hourglass-shaped soft foam rollers that are environmentally friendly
  • Aluminum tubing with a load capacity of 210 pounds
  • Includes a cleaning towel to ensure a clean window surface
  • Effort and pressure on the body are reduced

Comparison Table for the Best Lift Assist Kayak Racks

ProductMaterialMounting TypeMounting PlaceItem Weight
CodinterY80006‎AluminumSuction CupsRear windows2.07 Pounds
TOURFUNB092YMRZGT‎AluminumSuction CupsRear windows‎1.98 Pounds
BonsingB09GFG1C71‎AluminumSuction CupsRear windows2.65 Pounds
INNOINA453MetalCrossbar MountRoof Mount8.8 Pounds
REEYAK‎80006‎AluminumSuction CupsRear windows1.98 Pounds

How to Choose the Best Kayak Loader Lift Assist System?

How to Choose the Best Kayak Loader Lift Assist System

Selecting the right kayak lift assist system can be daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the available features and components. The followings are some factors to help you make the right decision:

Robust Construction Material

When shopping for a kayak loader lift system, look for items made from high-strength materials like aluminum or stainless steel. These metals are renowned for their strength and durability against corrosion, wear, and tear.

Also, aluminum and stainless steel have weight-bearing capabilities, making them ideal for supporting heavy loads without compromising stability.

Think About Lightweight Design

Weight is essential when choosing a kayak lift assist system, as heavier systems can strain your vehicle’s rear window and body. To ensure optimal vehicle comfort while loading your kayak onto your car or truck bed, use a low-weight option that won’t put too much strain on your window while lifting or carrying it around.

Determine the Mounting Place

Another important consideration when selecting a kayak loader lift assist system is where you plan on installing it. Will it be mounted on top of an SUV Or in the rear window of a sedan?

Depending on the size and weight of your kayak, you’ll want to ensure that the system is compatible with the vehicle’s mounting points. Also, some systems require special tools to mount correctly. Check product descriptions beforehand to see if any extra tools are needed before purchase.

Look For Powerful Suction Cups

You want a kayak loader lift assistance system with strong suction cups. These allow the devices to stick securely to flat surfaces such as roofs or beds without drilling holes or permanent fasteners, so they can easily be detached after use and stored until the next time.

Opt for models with solid rubber suction cups, so you don’t have to worry about them losing grip due to heavy loads or extreme temperatures.

360° Foam Pad Protection

360° Foam Pad Protection

Foam pad protection is essential when safely lifting heavy items, such as kayaks. It provides extra cushioning to ensure that neither the body nor the cargo is damaged during transport.

Moreover, hi-tech foam pads reduce noise significantly compared to regular hard plastic shells, making these lifters a great choice for those looking for something quieter yet effective enough to do the job quickly and efficiently.

Choose Universal Mounting System

When choosing your roof lift assist kayak rack, you must consider a universal mounting system to ensure the flexibility and versatility needed when transporting your kayak from one place to another.

Universal mounting systems typically come with adjustable clamps or straps that attach securely around the roof of your car. This ensures that your kayak will always be secure and safe during transport, no matter what size or type of vehicle you own.

Consider Adaptable L-Shaped Arm

One of the most important features of any roof rack lift-assist system is an adjustable L-shaped arm which allows you to easily maneuver your kayak onto and off the roof rack without stressing about stability and balance issues.

The arm should be adjustable in length and angle so that you can position it exactly where you need it for easy loading and unloading.

Furthermore, look for an arm with a wide range of motion that can accommodate different types of kayaks so you can use it for different tasks involving moving heavy kayak loads on and off your vehicle’s roof rack.

Easy Clamp-On Installation

Another key factor when selecting a roof rack lift-assist is its ease of installation and how quickly it can be mounted or removed from your vehicle’s roof rack without having access to tools or special equipment.

Look for kayak lift systems with clamp-on installations since these are usually much easier than ones that require drilling into the vehicle’s frame or securing screws into place before they become usable.

Included Locks and Keys

Finally, look for a roof rack to assist with locks and keys. This will ensure that everything stays secure while transporting your kayak from one destination to another, especially if you plan on leaving it parked overnight at a campsite.

With proper security precautions, thieves won’t stand a chance against stealing away with your expensive gear, so make sure that whatever lift assist system you choose has solid locks and keys included in its design before making any purchases.

What are the Benefits of Using a Lift Assist Kayak Rack?

What are the Benefits of Using a Lift Assist Kayak Rack

Using a lift-assist kayak rack provides convenience and ease of use, as well as many other benefits that will maximize the enjoyment of your kayaking experience. Here are the main benefits of using a lift-assist kayak rack.

  • Reduced physical strain: Installing and uninstalling a kayak can be physically challenging, especially when dealing with larger vessels or windy conditions. With a lift-assist kayak rack, you can easily move your kayak with minimal effort and reduce the strain on your body.
  • Increased Load Unload safety: A quality lift assist system not only helps to reduce physical strain but also increases safety while loading and unloading your kayak from the vehicle. The racks have straps, pulleys, and other accessories to ensure stability and avoid accidents.
  • Protection for your kayak: Kayaks can be damaged when moving around due to scratches, dents, or discolorations caused by improper lifting techniques or careless kayak handling. A lift assist system lets you transport your vessel securely without causing unnecessary damage.
  • Convenience and ease of use: Lift assist racks make transporting a kayak easier. They are extremely lightweight yet strong enough to support even heavier kayaks. Plus, they have adjustable feet so that you can fit them into most vehicles with different sizes of roof racks or crossbars.

What Should You Always Do When Lifting a Kayak With a Lift Assist?

When raising a kayak with a lift kayak load assist, you have to be strategic and conscious of your body’s movements. Certain tips should always be taken to minimize the risk of injury and maximize efficiency in the loading process. 

The most important factor is squatting down while firmly placing your feet on the ground. This allows you to distribute the kayak’s entire weight evenly across your legs instead of putting strain on your back. Once in position, keep your back straight and engage your core muscles to stabilize your body. 

Next, ensure you have a secure grip on the kayak using gloves if necessary. When ready, take a deep breath before initiating the lift, and then use your leg muscles to do most of the work as you drive through with your feet and hips. Avoid twisting or bending throughout this movement, and maintain an upright stance. 

Adventure Awaits: Make Kayaking Easier and Safer with the Best Lift Assist

Adventure Awaits Make Kayaking Easier and Safer with the Best Lift Assist

If you want an easy way to get into and out of your kayaking adventures without compromising safety or comfort, there is no better choice than the best kayak lift assist. With features such as sturdy construction, easy installation, and portability, they are ideal accessories for enhancing your kayaking experience.

Also, they promote safety by reducing strain on the body while lifting heavy kayaks in and out of the water. Investing in a quality lift assist system will make transporting your vessel easier and enhance the overall enjoyment of each outing on the water.

Although those five kayak lift assist systems provide excellent support for loading and unloading kayaks of all sizes, the Codinter kayak roller lift assist is the clear winner. It’s designed with the latest roller technology, providing secure and effortless mounting for most car windows and kayaks.

Best Kayak Lift Assist: Top 5 in 2024 [Ensure Safety]

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