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5 Best RV Stabilizer Jack Pads for Safe Camping in 2024

Best RV jack pads

Last Updated on March 25, 2023

When camping in your RV, you want to ensure that it’s stable and doesn’t wobble or shake. It is possible that a stabilizer jack stand will not be enough to prevent your RV from swaying on uneven surfaces. Shaking can be uncomfortable and even detrimental to your RV.

You’ll now want to introduce the best RV stabilizer jack pads. They are placed under the stabilizer jacks and help to even out the surface, providing more stability for your RV. They’re easy to install and can make a big difference in the stability of your RV.

This article will share with you the top five stabilizer jack pads for RVs. We’ll also give you a buyer’s guide to help you pick the right one. Hence, keep reading if you’re trying to make your RV more stable.

What Are RV Stabilizer Jack Pads and Jack Blocks?

Stabilizing jack pads

RV jack pads are typically made from hard plastic, rubber, or wood, and they help to distribute the weight of your RV more evenly, preventing the RV’s jacks from sinking. They come in different sizes and thicknesses, depending on your RV.

RVers use jack blocks, also called RV leveling blocks, to level their rigs on sloped campsites. They also prevent jacks from sinking into soft surfaces such as jack pads. The best RV jack blocks are made of durable material to support your RV. They should also be easy to stack and store.

The main difference between RV stabilizer jack pads and RV leveling blocks is pads are usually lighter than blocks, they don’t have to be level to work properly, and they’re less expensive.

Is an RV Jack Pad Better Than a Jack Block?

RV stabilizer pads

People typically use two options to prevent their RV from moving while parked: an RV jack pad or a jack block. So, which is the better option? It all depends on your specific needs and situation.

Typically, RV jack pads are made from stronger and more durable materials than jack blocks, meaning they can better withstand the weight of your RV over time. They are also usually lighter and more compact, making them easier to store when not in use.

On the other hand, jack blocks tend to be bulkier and more difficult to store. They are also made from durable materials, but they may not last as long as jack pads. And blocks must be level to work correctly, while pads do not need to be.

But the best trailer jack block will be usable on bigger RVs, as they can support more weight. If your RV is too much weight, then a jack block may be your better option. Otherwise, a jack pad should suffice.

What Are the Best Camco RV Jack Pads?

Stack RV jack pads

Camco brand is one of the most popular RV jack pads. They offer a variety of different sizes and styles to meet your needs. The pads can be used on any surface, including concrete, asphalt, gravel, and dirt.

They can also be used on uneven surfaces, such as wheel chocks or leveling blocks. And their products are made from tough and durable materials, so you can be sure they’ll last. Here are two Camco RV jack pads that are popular:

1. Camco 44595 Stabilizer Jack Pads

Camco 44595 Stabilizer Jack Pads

You’ll want to check out Camco 44595 stabilizer jack pads if you want to keep your motorhome jacks from sinking into the ground. The heavy-duty, UV-stabilized polypropylene pads feature an integrated handle for comfortable use.

Their interlocking design and convenient storage strap are also compact and easy to store. Plus, they’re made in the USA. You should try Camco 44595 pads to keep your RV level.

What Makes This Product Helpful?

Camco RV stabilizer jack pads are an essential accessory for anyone with an RV. These pads work great in dirt and keep your RV stable and level. These pads are compact and easy to store but also perfectly fit under your stabilizer feet.

They have a strap that keeps them all together, and the oversized handle makes it easy to grab and go. The pads are also large and bright, so you can easily find them in a hurry.

Good things:

  • Useful for preventing jacks from sinking
  • Supports swing arm jacks, stack jacks, and trailer tongues
  • Built-in handle and storage strap included
  • UV-stabilized resin for long-lasting use
  • Heavy-duty construction with ribs for strength


  • Can be bent and flexed easily on soft ground/sand

2. Camco RV Stabilizer Jack Pads

Camco RV Stabilizer Jack Pads

If you’re looking for a reliable way to keep your RV stable while jacking it up, the Camco RV stabilizer jack pads are a great option. These pads are made of flexible, recycled materials that are UV resistant and weather-proof.

They’re also eco-friendly, which is a bonus. The pads work well with leveling blocks, and they can help stabilizers and jacks not sink into soft ground. So if you’re looking for a solution to stabilize your RV, then be sure to check out Camco’s 44600 jack pads.

What Makes This Product Helpful?

These pads help distribute your RV’s weight more evenly, preventing the jacks from sinking into soft ground. They’re also made of flexible recycled materials, which makes them UV resistant and waterproof.

Plus, they come in a 2-pack, so you can keep one at home and one in the RV when you need it. Since 1966, Camco has been making top-quality outdoor products, so you can trust their quality.

Good things:

  • They’re heavy and durable, perfect for RVs
  • There’s a flat bottom that keeps them from sinking in
  • Provides a stable base for the RV jacks
  • Conforms to the ground to prevent damage
  • Blocks are heavy but worth it for the stability


  • Maybe not easy to line up with hydraulic jack levelers
  • Slide along each other when stacked

These Camco jack pads are a sturdy way to stabilize your RV level. They’re easy to use and store, and they’re made of durable materials. Those pads will stabilize your RV, so if you need a way to stabilize it, check them out.

What Is the Best Rubber RV Jack Pad?

RV leveler pads

When it comes to rubber RV jack pads, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. To begin with, you’ll want to ensure the pad is big enough to support your RV jack. You’ll also want to ensure the pad is made of durable materials that can handle RV weight.

Also, you’ll want to make sure the pad is easy to clean and store. With that in mind, we think the Tallew RV Rubber Jack Pad is the market’s premier option. This pad is made of durable rubber that supports your RV jack and is easy to clean and store. Take a look:

Tallew Jack Stand Rubber Pad

Tallew Jack Stand Rubber Pad

You can’t go wrong with a Tallew jack stand rubber pad if you want something reliable and durable. This pad is made of high-quality rubber, so it’s strong and long-lasting. It’s also slip-resistant, so it will stay in place while you’re using it.

The large size makes it appropriate for use with most jack stands. Plus, the thickness means it will add stability on uneven surfaces. And it’s UV resistant, so it won’t fade in the sun.

What Makes This Product Helpful?

Maybe you’re trying to level your RV on a slope, and the jacks start to sink, or maybe the wind catches your camper and starts to tip it over. Having a good set of RV jack blocks can help prevent these problems and keep your RV stable.

Tallew’s RV stabilizer jack pads are made of durable rubber that is strong and slip-resistant. They are also large enough to cover a wide area, which is perfect for uneven surfaces. And because they are stackable, they are easy to store and transport.

Good things:

  • Four pieces of RV jack pads in one package
  • Providing a big coverage area (12 x 12 inches)
  • Enhances jack block stability
  • Widely applicable on uneven surfaces
  • Prevents your RV from sliding or sinking


  • Because the pad is large, it may be hard to fit in tight spaces

When you use Tallew pads, you’re getting a durable and slip-resistant product. The large size makes it easy to use on uneven surfaces, and the stackable design means it’s easy to store and transport. This is the one for you if you need a good RV jack pad.

Here Are Two Other Best RV Jack Stands Pads

high quality jack pads

While Camco and Tallew offer great jack pads, they’re not your only options. If you’re looking for something different, here are two other excellent jack pads.

Homeon Wheels Trailer Leveling Jack Stabilizer Pads

Homeon Wheels Trailer Leveling Jack Stabilizer Pads

The Homeon Wheels trailer leveling jack stabilizer pads might be just what you need if you want to prevent your RV leveling jacks from sinking. These pads are made of polypropylene, resin, and plastic and are designed to prevent your jacks from cracking or sinking.

They also have anti-slip mats to help maintain stability and a built-in handle for easy transport. The pads are also stackable, making them perfect for uneven surfaces or when you need extra height. Plus, they are weather-proof and UV resistant, so you can leave them out in the sun or rain without any problems.

What Makes This Product Helpful?

These pads help to keep your RV stable by providing a solid surface for the jacks to stand on. They’re made from a thick, durable material that can hold up under the weight of your RV, so you can rest easy knowing your rig is safe and sound.

And the yellow color design makes them easy to see, so you’ll never lose them in the dark. So in order to improve the stability of your RV, be sure to add some RV jack stabilizer pads to your shopping list.

Good things:

  • The yellow color makes it visible
  • Rugged, able to hold up well under our RV
  • Lightweight & built-in handle
  • Simple to use on any terrain
  • Balance on dirt camping sites


  • Might not work well for bigger RVs
  • Can be easily deformed if not used correctly

RoadWarrior Heavy Duty RV Jack Pad

RoadWarrior Heavy Duty RV Jack Pad

RoadWarrior heavy duty RV jack pad is made of unbreakable plastic and can support up to 50,000 lbs, making it ideal for use with even the heaviest RVs. It is also waterproof, making it ideal for use in all weather conditions.

Also, it is lightweight and easy to set up, so you can get your RV stabilized in no time. Plus, it comes with a patented TuffGrip handle for easy maneuverability. And, it stacks for even more height, if needed.

What Makes This Product Helpful?

These pads are designed to provide extra stability and support for your RV, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your camper is safe and sound.

They’re constructed from space-age materials that are tough enough to withstand any kind of weather condition, and they feature TuffGrip Handles that make them easy to use. Make sure you pack a set of RoadWarrior pads for peace of mind on your next trip.

Good things:

  • Supports up to 50,000 pounds
  • No splinters break or absorb water
  • Easy placement and retrieval
  • Leveling is quick and easy
  • Perfect for all types of RV parking


  • It’s a bit pricey compared to the quantity

Homeon Wheels and RoadWarrior are excellent pads, offering outstanding performance and durability. If you’re looking for a way to get more support for your RV, be sure to consider these products. You won’t be disappointed.

Comparison Table of the Best RV Jack Pads

ProductMaterialItem CountItem WeightItem Dimensions L x W x H
Camco 44595Polypropylene Plastic4‎0.9 Pound9 x 6.5 x 2.75 Inches
Camco 44600Recycled Rubber2‎4 Pounds‎8.5 x 8.5 x 1 Inches
TallewRubber4‎2.72 Pounds12 x 12 x 0.2  Inches
Homeon WheelsPolypropylene, Resin, Plastic43 Pounds6.85 x 6.85 x 4 Inches
RoadWarrior RW15-1.5Wood1‎9 PoundsDIA 15 x 1.5  Inches

How to Choose the Best RV Stabilizer Jack Pads?

Homemade RV jack pads

Now that you know all about RV stabilizer jack pads and how they can help improve the stability of your rig, it’s time to choose the right set for your needs.

But with so many different types and brands of RV stabilizer jacks on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best jack pads for stabilizing your RV.

Types of Jack Pads

The three most common jack pads are wooden, plastic, and rubber.

Wooden pads are the oldest type and are still used today. They are made from various kinds of wood, with oak being the most popular. Oak is strong and durable, making it an ideal material for a jack pad. In contrast, wooden pads can be heavy and difficult to maneuver.

Plastic jack pads are lighter than wooden pads and are often used on frequently moved RVs. They are also easier to clean than wooden pads.

Rubber jack pads are the newest type of jack pad and offer the best protection for your RV. They are made from a variety of materials, including recycled tires. Rubber is a great material for a jack pad because it is soft and will not damage your RV jack stand.

To determine which type of jack pad is right for you, consider the weight of your RV and how often you move it. A plastic jack pad will be a good choice if you have a lightweight RV that you move frequently. A rubber jack pad will be a better choice if you have a heavy RV that you don’t move often.


Before buying a set of jack pads for your RV, it’s important to consider the product’s durability. There are a few things you can look for that will give you an indication of how well the jack pad will hold up over time.

  • Start by checking the pad’s material. A good quality jack pad will be made from durable materials that can withstand repeated use and exposure to the elements.
  • The second thing to look at is the pad’s construction. A well-made jack pad will be solid and sturdy, with no weak points or flimsy areas.
  • In the end, check the reviews of the jack pad to see what other RVers have to say about its durability. A durable jack pad will have mostly positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Number of Pads

You’ll also need to take several measurements when determining how many pads to buy for stabilizing your RV.

  • The first measurement is the width of the area in which the jack pad will be placed.
  • The second measurement is the length of the area on which the jack pad will be installed.
  • It is also important to measure the height of the area where the jack pad will be located.
  • Fourth, we need to measure the RV’s weight. You’ll need to know the weight of the RV so that you can buy RV jack pads that can support the weight of the RV.
  • The fifth and final measurement is the length of time that you’ll be using the jack pad.

You’ll need to purchase a jack pad that is long enough to provide stability for as long as you’ll be using it. Once you have all of these measurements, you can determine how many other jack pads you’ll need to purchase to stabilize your RV.

Dimensions of Pads

Tier RV jack pad

The camper jack pads come in different sizes and shapes. The most commonly used RV jack pad is the square pad. Other shapes include rectangles, triangles, and ovals. It depends on the axle’s size and the RV’s height to determine the size of the RV jack pad.

Also, the thickness of the motorhome jack pad needs to be considered. The thicker the pad, the more support it will provide. But the downside is a thick jack pad can be difficult to maneuver and may not fit all storage spaces.

To find the right size jack pad for your RV, check the product’s dimensions and compare them to the measurements you took earlier. Make sure to choose a jack pad that is longer and wider than the area where it will be installed.

Load Capacity

You’ll need to consider the load capacity when shopping for a jack pad to stabilize your RV. The load capacity is the maximum weight that the jack pad can support. You can find the load capacity for a given jack pad by looking at the product information or contacting the manufacturer.

It’s important to choose a jack pad with a high enough load capacity to support your RV. If you choose a jack pad with too low of a load capacity, it could break and cause your RV to become unstable.

On the other hand, if you select a jack pad with too high of a load capacity, you’ll be wasting money on an unnecessarily sturdy product.

To find the perfect balance, choosing a jack pad with a load capacity slightly higher than your RV’s weight is best. This will ensure that your RV is stable and safe while you’re using it.


The determining factor in finding the perfect deal on a lightweight jack pad is to find the sweet spot between the most weight it can support and the thickness.

In general, the thicker the jack pad, like magnetic RV jack pads, the more weight it can support and the more expensive it will be. The weight of your RV will be different than everyone else’s, so you’ll need to find a pad that can support its specific weight.

You’ll also want to consider what kind of ground you’ll use the jack pad on. If you’re using it on soft ground, you’ll want a thicker jack pad so that it doesn’t sink into the ground and cause your RV to tilt. A thinner jack pad will suffice if you use it on hard ground.

Ultimately, you’ll want to find a lightweight jack pad that can support your RV’s weight, which is the right thickness for the ground you’ll be using it on.

Flexible and Non-slip

Rubber motorhome jack pads

There are two types of RV jack pads: flexible and non-slip. Flexible pads are made of rubber or other flexible materials, and they conform to the shape of the RV’s tires. This allows them to grip the tires more securely, preventing the RV from slipping or moving while it is being jacked up.

Non-slip RV pads are made of hard plastics or metals, and they have a flat surface that helps the RV’s weight to be distributed evenly. This prevents the RV from sinking into soft ground or tipping over uneven surfaces.

When choosing a jack pad for your RV, it is wise to consider where you will be using it and what type of surface you will be jacking up on. Using your RV jack pad on a smooth, level surface, then a non-skipjack pad may be a better option. A flexible pad may be better when your RV jack pad is used on a soft or uneven surface.

You can easily understand whether your pad is flexible or not by its material. If it is made of rubber, then it is flexible. If it is made of plastic or wood, then it is non-slip.

Simple to Use

It’s also important to consider how easy the jack pad is to use. Some motorhome jack pads are easier to maneuver than others, and some require more assembly. If you’re not comfortable using tools or assembling products, you’ll want a jack pad with a build handle.

A jack pad with a handle will be easier to position under your RV, requiring less effort to lift your RV. On the other hand, a jack pad without a handle may be more difficult to position, but it will be cheaper.

You’ll also want to consider how easy it is to store the jack pad when you’re not using it. There are thin pads that are easy to carry and bulky ones that are hard to handle. You’ll want a jack pad that’s thin and easy to store if you have limited storage space for RV accessories.

Weather Resistance

Some jacks are designed to withstand extreme heat or cold, while others are not as resistant to the elements. When selecting a jack pad, it is necessary to consider the climate in which it will be used.

Make sure it is UV resistant if you use your RV in sunny weather. If you use your RV in cold weather, ensure the jack is resistant to freezing temperatures.

It’s also a good idea to choose a jack pad made of materials that won’t rust or corrode. This will ensure that your jack pad lasts for many years, even if exposed to harsh weather conditions.

How to Use Stabilizer Jack Pads for Travel Trailers?

Large RV jack pads

Using stabilizing jack pads for travel trailers is a great way to level your RV and keep it from rocking or tipping over. RV jack pads support and evenly distribute the weight of the RV. But without proper placement or use, pads can do more harm than good.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using the perfect RV jack pad:

First, make sure your RV is parked on a level surface to use the jack pad. If you’re using the jack pad on soft ground, then you’ll need to use a thicker pad so that the RV doesn’t sink into the ground.

Next, position the jack pad under the stabilizer jacks. Make sure that each jack has its own pad and enough space between each pad and the edge of the RV.

Then, slowly raise the RV using the stabilizer jacks. As you do, ensure the RV doesn’t rock or tip over. Keep an eye on the pads to make sure they’re not slipping or moving.

Once the RV is raised to your desired height, slowly lower it back onto the travel trailer jack pads. Make sure it sits evenly on all four pads before releasing the jacks.

How Do I Maintain My RV Stabilizer Jack Pad?

It’s a good idea to clean and inspect your RV jack pad regularly to ensure it is in working condition. Use a soft brush to remove any particles from the pad’s surface. Inspect the pad for any cracks, holes, or wear and tear.

If the jack pad is made of rubber, then you can clean it with a mild soap and water solution. Use a mild cleaner and a soft cloth to clean the jack pad if it’s made of plastic or wood.

Once you’ve cleaned and inspected the jack pad, dry it completely before storing it away. This will prevent the material from rotting or deteriorating. Store the jack pad in a cool, dry place when not in use.

It’s also a good idea to use a flat side down and to not over-tighten the hydraulic jacks so that you don’t damage or break the jack pad.

Why Do RVs Need Stabilizer Jack Pads?

Buying RV jack pads

RVers who enjoy dry camping or boondocking in remote locations must be especially careful when choosing a campsite. One factor that is often overlooked is the ground surface. Many RVers were stranded when their jacks sunk into the ground, causing the RV to become unstable.

It is important to use jack stabilizing pads to prevent this from happening. Pads for jacks are designed to distribute the weight of the RV evenly so that the jacks don’t sink into the ground. They are also handy for leveling the RV on uneven surfaces.

And jack pads can help protect your RV from scratches and dents. A stable jack pad is a simple way to help protect your investment and ensure a safe and fun camping experience.

Do You Always Need a Stabilizer Jacks Pad When Parking an RV?

No, but stabilizer jacks must be placed on a firm, level ground to properly support the RV. Pads are typically used to help achieve this, as they provide a flat surface for the jack to rest on and also help to protect the ground from being damaged by the jack.

In short, the best RV stabilizer jack pads are a crucial part of any RV set-up and should be carefully selected. Keeping in mind our five recommendations and buying guides, which we discussed above, we are confident that you will be able to find the right one for you.

5 Best RV Stabilizer Jack Pads for Safe Camping in 2024

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