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Best Lift Kits For Toyota Tundra: Top 5 Expert Picks in 2024

Lift Kits For Toyota Tundra

Last Updated on May 21, 2023

Are you in search of the perfect lift kit for your Toyota Tundra? Make sure that it not only increases ground clearance but also gives a prime-boost to off-roading capabilities. With plenty of choices, finding the one tailored exclusively for your truck can be daunting.

Before committing to the best lift kit, consider the quality of height and material as well as how it can optimize performance. Ensure your choice offers stability while maintaining ride comfort. Also, look for durability and ease of installation so you can get out on those trails faster.

To help you get the right one, we reviewed five of the best lift kits for Toyota Tundras so you can find the perfect one for your off-roading needs. Just pick one for an impressive boost in style and capabilities.

Best Lift Kits For Toyota Tundra: Expert’s Choice

DYNOFIT Toyota Tundra 2wd Lift Kits

Get a hassle-free lift installation for your Toyota Tundra with DYNOFIT

Position: Rear, Front
Material: Aluminum
Lifting Height: 3 Inches
Item Weight: 19.18 pounds

BDFHYK Lift Kits For Toyota Tundra

Enhance Performance and Quality with BDFHYK Lift Kits

Position: Front
Material: Aluminum
Lifting Height: 3 Inches
Item Weight: ‎5.2 pounds

LHE Toyota Tundra 3-Inch Front Lift Kit

The LHE Lift Kit Offers the Best Value and Performance

Position: Front
Front Lift Height: 3 Inches
Item Weight: ‎5.28 pounds
Cover Included: Yes

Review of the Top 5 Toyota Tundra Lift Kits

Transform your Toyota Tundra into a beast on the open road with one of our top-rated lift kits. Our selection includes five reliable and affordable models that offer maximum performance, durability and off-road capability. 

Take a look at how they can improve your truck’s performance:

1. DYNOFIT Toyota Tundra 2wd Lift Kits

DYNOFIT Toyota Tundra 2wd Lift Kits

Dynofit Toyota Tundra 2wd lift kits are designed for an easy and hassle-free installation process. These Toyota Tundra lift kits come with high-quality materials and provide superior stability and ride quality without compromising the truck’s ground balance.

Simple Installation

Installing a Dynofit Toyota Tundra lift kit is quick and painless. All that’s needed are some basic tools and knowledge, plus easy-to-follow instructions included with the kit. Installation takes just 1 or 2 hours, depending on your ride.

Premium Quality Material

The Toyota Tundra lift kit uses high-grade material like forged aircraft billet aluminum T6 treated. Also, use 10.9-12.9 Grade bolts to provide superior durability and strength even under extreme conditions.

Also, it has excellent resistance to corrosion due to its black anodized surface finish, making it ideal for daily use. 

Maintain Factory Ride Quality

These Toyota Tundra lift kits were made to maintain factory ride quality by having a 1:1 ratio according to the original suspension dimensions. Providing 3″ front and 2″ rear lifts while ensuring maximum stability and comfort even on rough roads or off-road terrains. 

Include Essential Kits

This lift kit includes all necessary components for proper installation. It also includes two front lift spacers, two rear lift blocks, and four extended u-bolts, and a Pro Shock Proof box for safe product delivery.

Positive Aspects:

  • Premium corrosion-resistant materials
  • Pro Shock-Proof blocks keep the ride quality optimum
  • High-quality bolts that meet grade 10.9-12.9
  • No special tools are needed for the Installation
  • Everything is included in the kit


  • Aligning the equipment is required after the installation

2. BDFHYK Lift Kits For Toyota Tundra

BDFHYK Lift Kits For Toyota Tundra

Upgrade your Toyota Tundra’s performance and style with a BDFHYK lift kit. Featuring premium parts for effortless installation, these kits are the perfect balance of strength, performance and convenience.

More Stabilization

Installing a BDFHYK lift kit on your Toyota Tundra is an excellent way to improve the vehicle’s balance. The kit helps even out the stance of the truck by raising the front of it so that it is level with the back.

This helps to ensure a smoother ride, better handling, and overall improved stability for your car.

Protects Against Corrosion

The Toyota Tundra lift kit comes with high-quality black powder-coated materials that protect them from rust, corrosion, and other damage caused by moisture. This protective coating ensures your lift kit looks great and lasts longer than without it.

Easy Bolt-On Installation

These BDFHYK lift kits for Toyota Tundra are designed with ease of installation in mind. It can be installed in as little as three to four hours using simple tools and following the included instructions.

This lets you get your car off the ground without making major modifications or complicated adjustments.

Machined From CNC

The spacer used in this lift kit is precision machined using CNC technology for accuracy and durability. This ensures that it fits perfectly into place on your truck for a reliable performance every time you drive.

Positive Aspects:

  • Durable materials ensure long-term performance
  • Aesthetically levels the car front to rear
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant black powder coating
  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • CNC-machined from forged aluminum 6061 T6


  • Doesn’t fit Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior

3. TORCH Off-Road Toyota Tundra TRD Lift Kit

TORCH Off-Road Toyota Tundra TRD Lift Kit

Take your Tundra to the next level with a Toyota Tundra TRD lift kit. This complete kit offers an instant height boost and provides peace of mind through its easy installation and long-term reliability.

No Need Longer Shocks

TORCH Off Road’s Toyota Tundra TRD lift kit is designed to specifically fit the stock strut and does not require longer shocks for installation. It provides an efficient and cost-effective solution that saves money and time.

The strut spacer easily installs on top of the existing strut without requiring additional hardware or modifications.

Durable Coating

This product features extended U bolts with a durable black powder coat finish, offering superior corrosion resistance in harsh environments. While also maintaining maximum load capacity under extreme conditions.

The tough finish helps protect against rust and wear even in the most challenging terrain.

Simple Installation Process

The Toyota Tundra lift kit from TORCH Off Road is designed to be user-friendly, with no welding or grinding required during installation. It comes with comprehensive step-by-step instructions guiding you through the entire process in 2-4 hours.

Optimized Geometry

With this kit, you can enjoy an added 2” lift to your rear suspension that includes tapered fabricated steel blocks to maintain your driveline geometry. while adding clearance to fit up to 35” tires depending on wheel size selection.

This provides an aggressive off-road look without sacrificing road feel or handling capabilities while improving ground clearance on uneven terrain.

Positive Aspects:

  • Steel blocks for max load capacity
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated U bolts
  • Installation can be completed in less than four hours
  • Maintains rear pinion angle 
  • Increase ground clearance and fit bigger tires


  • This kit needs 110 ft/lbs of torque on the U-bolts

4. Rough Country 2.5″ – 3″ Toyota Leveling Lift Kit

Rough Country 2.5" - 3" Toyota Leveling Lift Kit

This Rough Country Leveling Lift Kit will take your Toyota to the next level. With an increase in ground clearance and a more leveled out appearance, you’re sure to experience smoother rides while unlocking greater off-road capabilities.

Fine-tuned Leveling Angle

This Rough Country 2.5″-3″ Toyota Leveling kit includes a 1.5″ rear lift block, along with two sets of 0.25″ spacer shims to fine-tune the level angle of your vehicle. These shims can be used with the strut spacers to provide a full 3″ level or fewer for leaving a little rake in the front-end angle. 

Accommodates Large Tires

With its front and upper strut extensions set, this leveling kit is designed for larger tires, allowing for up to 33” in size. Larger tires mean greater ground clearance, improved off-road performance, and an even more aggressive look on your vehicle.

No Drilling Required

This kit comes with all the necessary hardware needed to complete the installation without any drilling or cutting required. This makes it perfect for DIY projects at home or in the garage. All that is needed are basic hand tools and some patience.

Tow & Haul with Ease

The differential spacers with this kit will help maintain factory ride quality while promoting optimum angles for the front CV axle after lifting. Hauling or towing heavy loads across long distances on highways or other roads means smoother riding at higher speeds.

Positive Aspects:

  • Adjustable leveling system for front end angle
  • Easy to remove components
  • Includes spacer shims for fine-tuning level
  • 1.5″ rear lift blocks for more ground clearance
  • Boost vehicle’s appearance and towing power


  • Alignment needs checking every 3,000 miles

5. LHE Toyota Tundra 3-Inch Front Lift Kit

LHE Toyota Tundra 3-Inch Front Lift Kit

Revamp your ride with the Toyota Tundra 3-Inch lift kit. This progressive kit helps truck fanatics access more terrain, give their vehicle an edge in performance and turn some heads on the highway.

No Disassembly Needed

This kit requires no strut or coil disassembly, making it easier and faster than other kits available today. This significantly reduces the labor involved in the installation, saving time and money.

Also, the lack of disassembly allows for a more accurate alignment of suspension components after installation.

Less Time Installation

Compared to other kits, the LHE Toyota Tundra 3-Inch Front Lift Kit is designed to be installed in approximately 1-2 hours. With this kit, there is no need for such replacements or additional labor, resulting in significant time and effort savings during installation.

Enhances Truck’s Look

The look of your truck can be greatly enhanced with these lift kits. Not only does it provide clearance for larger tires and wheels, but it also gives your Tundra an aggressive look that will turn heads on the road.

Aside from that, the higher ride height allows you to add body armor or side steps without compromising visibility.

Conquer Rough Terrain

The Toyota Tundra lift kits are designed specifically to give your truck a solid 3-inch lift in the front end. As long as it maintains factory suspension geometry and drivability characteristics.

Although lift height and kit thickness don’t match up 1:1, you still get a lot of on- and off-road performance.

Positive Aspects:

  • Increases fender clearance for bigger tires and wheels
  • Struts and coils do not require disassembly
  • Can be installed in about 1-2 hours
  • Raises truck 3” for a more aggressive look
  • Spacers included to set lift height


  • Fits 2007-2018 Toyota Tundra models

Best Toyota Tundra Lift Kits Comparison Chart

DYNOFIT‎FF-K016Rear, Front3 Inches2007-2021 TUNDRA 2WD 4WD
BDFHYKOS04136S3Front3 Inches3 Inches2007-2021 Toyota Tundra 2WD /4WD
TORCH Off-Road‎689355918811‎Front3 Inches1999-2006 Toyota Tundra 4X4 2WD
Rough Country‎87000Driveline3 Inches2007-2021 Toyota Tundra
LHELHE-TU3F07Front3 Inches2007-2018 Toyota Tundra

Buying Lift Kits For Toyota Tundra: What to Watch Out For?

Buying Lift Kits For Toyota Tundra What to Watch Out For

Outfitting your Toyota Tundra with the best lift kit is an excellent way to make it look more stylish and better suited for off-road adventures. However, careful consideration must be taken into account before deciding what type of lift you want to install on your truck.

Here are a few things to think about:


When selecting the best lift kit for your car, it is essential to ensure that you are buying a compatible kit with your vehicle. To determine compatibility is to identify the exact year, make and model of your truck.

This information can be found on the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN plate located on the driver’s door or dashboard. You should also make sure any aftermarket accessories, like bigger rims or tires, have been installed.

Lift Kit Type

The type of lift kits selected depends largely upon individual preferences and how you plan to use your truck. Choosing a suspension lift is best for those looking for improved off-road performance. Generally, this means more travel and articulation, so you can clear obstacles like large rocks or deep ruts.

These kits usually include new shocks as well as other components such as upper control arms, sway bars, and steering stabilizers. That will provide improved stability and handling both on-road and off-road.

Long-Term Durability

When selecting a lift kit for any application, it’s essential to consider factors such as long-term durability. Which includes looking at product reviews from existing customers who have used the same product before you purchase it yourself.

You should also ask about warranties offered by manufacturers to know what kind of coverage you have in case something goes wrong. Most good-quality kits have steel rods welded together with solid bushings at all connection points.

In addition, lighter materials like aluminum and cast alloys are used to keep weight down. You can rely on those materials to keep your lift kits strong and lightweight for a long time.

Type of Suspension

Type of Suspension

What type of suspension system you need will depend on how much lifting you need to do with your Tundra car.

Traditional leaf spring suspensions distribute force evenly across all four wheels because of their design. Although they do not offer much articulation since they are not very flexible but are still widely used among many vehicles today.

The coilover kit offers adjustable ride heights while still providing the articulation necessary for tackling challenging terrain. Comparatively, air suspensions permit users to adjust levels according to personal preferences.

So before selecting the best lift kit, ensure that it is designed for your truck’s type of suspension system.

Aesthetic Considerations

When considering aesthetics, there are several factors one needs to take into account. Aside from just visual appeal, other things to consider are color options, available finish materials, and the level of shine desired for the final product.

Some popular finishes include chrome black powder coat textured matte satin glossy. All of these come in various colors and offer added customization possibilities that wouldn’t exist otherwise.

It’s also important to consider the trim package already present and pick complementary color finishes to enhance the overall aesthetic value.

Weight Distribution  

Every type of lift kit performs differently depending on how well it distributes weight, from everyday driving to challenging off-road conditions. Generally speaking, heavier vehicles require stronger heavier-duty components, while lighter trucks may be able to get away with less sturdy components.

When dealing with certain weight distributions, reading online reviews is a good way to find out what features customers find most helpful. Combined with professional installers’ knowledge, this information can help determine which style/type combination works best.

Legal Restrictions 

It’s important to remember that certain legal restrictions exist when modifying vehicles with aftermarket parts like Toyota Tundra lift kits. Especially if they contain shocks or other adjustable components that law enforcement agencies could consider unsafe.

Ensure that all applicable laws have been followed during install lift kits and avoid any potential problems.

Does a 2-Inch Lift Tundra Need Upper Control Arms?

Does a 2-Inch Lift Tundra Need Upper Control Arms

Upgrading your 2-inch lifted Tundra with a set of upper control arms is essential to maintaining stability and alignment when you’re out on the road. These components are integral to the independent front suspension, so don’t be without them.

With these in place, even sharp turns can feel smooth while keeping those tires firmly rooted to the ground. If the upper control arms are worn or damaged, it can lead to increased tire wear and potential safety issues. Replacing them with new ones will ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and safely.

You need more support when you install the best lift kit on your tundra because it increases the load capacity. Therefore, Toyota Tundra lifts require new upper control arms to ensure proper operation and performance.

How Long Do Lifts Last On Toyota Tundras?

The longevity of lifts on Toyota Tundras depends on several factors. This includes the type and quality of the lift, the weight of the vehicle, the frequency and intensity of use, and any additional modifications or customizations that are made.

A lift can easily go between 50,000 and 100,000 miles (80-160 kilometers) if installed and maintained properly. After that, a little maintenance and alignment may be necessary to ensure maximum performance and longevity.

Poorly installed lifts can decrease in performance sooner than that, while well-maintained vehicles with high-quality lifts can last significantly longer. Aside from that, frequent visual inspections should be conducted to ensure that all parts are in good condition.

You can extend its life by adding extras like suspension stabilizers or bushings, which help keep the suspension components aligned and keep the ride smooth. Taking proper care of your Toyota Tundra’s lift increases its longevity and helps minimize safety risks during off-roading activities.

Is It Okay to Use Original Toyota Tundras Tires With a Lift Kit?

Is It Okay to Use Original Toyota Tundras Tires With a Lift Kit

If you want your Toyota Tundra to look more stylish, go with the original tires. But if it’s an off-roading adventure that excites you, bigger and better are definitely the way to go. Larger tires will improve any off-road performance with enhanced traction for a firmer grip on tricky terrain and tougher treads for serious thrills.

Depending on the type of lift kit installed on your car, the size of the tires may need to be adjusted accordingly. The larger the tire size, the higher ground clearance and better grip you will have when driving off-road. Due to increased rolling resistance, taller tires can also affect your truck’s fuel efficiency.

Additionally, consider investing in heavy-duty shocks designed for off-road purposes, as they can improve the ride quality and handling over rough terrain.

Toyota Tundra 35 Inch Tires: How Much Lift Is Needed?

For a Toyota Tundra with 35-inch tires, it is recommended to have a lift kit with 2-inch and 3-inch clearance. This allows for the necessary clearance between the tires and wheels well to reduce the risk of rubbing or damaging the vehicle frame in off-roading.

Also, when lifting your vehicle with 35-inch tires, it’s essential to consider both tire size and wheel width. A wider wheel can be more difficult to fit into larger tires, so measure correctly before purchasing the best lift kit.

Moreover, you should also consider the additional weight that comes with larger wheels and tires, as this will affect how much lift you require. Considering these factors, an appropriate lift kit should provide enough clearance while maintaining structural integrity and stability.

Uncover the Optimal Lift for Your Toyota Tundra

Uncover the Optimal Lift for Your Toyota Tundra

When it comes to taking your Toyota Tundra off-road, there’s no shortage of fantastic options. We’ve narrowed down the best of the best based on maximum lifting height, sturdy materials that won’t break down even in rugged conditions, and excellent stability.

All the products listed above are perfect for your Toyota Tundra. Still, nothing beats the DYNOFIT lift kit for enhanced performance and an improved visual aesthetic, perfect for off-road performance.

Upgrade your Toyota Tundra and take it off-roading like never before with the DYNOFIT lift kit. Boasting unparalleled quality, stability, and of course performance on any road or terrain, you won’t regret this purchase.

Best Lift Kits For Toyota Tundra: Top 5 Expert Picks in 2024

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