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Rough Country Vs Tuff Country Lift Kits: 6 Differences

Rough Country Vs Tuff Country Lift Kits

Last Updated on March 19, 2023

Do you want to add extra performance and attitude to your vehicle with a lift kit? You can trust Rough Country and Tuff Country to provide the highest quality products. With options tailored to suit every driver, you can take your truck, RV, SUV, or Jeep to new heights. But how are they different?

Tuff Country is generally considered a higher quality lift kit than Rough Country and tends to come with a higher price tag. These products differ in installation, customization, lift height, off-road performance, ride quality, and compatibility.

We aim to help you make an informed decision about Rough Country lift kits and Tuff Country lift kits by explaining their differences. We will also address some important FAQs.

Rough Country Vs Tuff Country Lift Kits: Differences

Here are the Differences between Rough Country Vs Tuff Country Lift Kits

Rough Country and Tuff Country are two of the most popular brands of lifting kits for off-road vehicles. Although both companies offer lift kits that can enhance the look and performance of your vehicle, they differ in some key ways.

The following are the main distinctions between Rough Country and Tuff Country Lift Kits:

01: Quality

Tuff Country lift kits are renowned for their quality and durability due to higher-grade materials and more rigorous manufacturing processes. Their quality is more consistent than Rough Country’s as they are designed to last longer, even in harsh environments.

The superior quality of Tuff Country means that it often comes with a higher price tag than its competitor, but many consider this an investment of their hard-earned money.

On the other hand, Rough Country is known for its affordability and wide selection of lift kits, but the trade-off is often a shorter lifespan and less dependability.

02: Installation

Rough Country lift kits offer convenience when it comes to installation time. They are designed to be quick and easy, reducing the time spent on setting up the kit.

But, these kits may not be as secure as those from Tuff Country, which can require more time for installation due to their complex design. As a result, it may take longer to complete the job, but it will likely result in a better fitment and a sturdier application overall.

03: Customization

Regarding customization options, Rough Country offers significantly more variety than Tuff Country, with products ranging from suspension to body lifts, leveling kits, and much more.

Meanwhile, Tuff Country focuses primarily on suspension lifts with limited additional packages available upon request. If you’re looking for a customized solution that fits your needs or wants, Rough Country has more options than Tuff Country would typically provide.

03: Lift Height

Rough Country lift kits offer a more excellent range of lift heights than Tuff Country kits, allowing drivers to customize their vehicle suspension to their preferences. Rough Country lift kits can give vehicles two to eight inches of lift, while Tuff Country has a maximum lift height of four inches.

This makes Rough Country an ideal option for those who want to make larger modifications to their vehicle’s suspension, while Tuff Country is better suited for those who need a slight boost in overall ride height.

04: Off-Road Performance

When it comes to off-road performance, many consider Tuff Country lift kits to be the superior choice compared to Rough Country. This is partly due to the fact that Tuff Country only sells higher-quality parts designed specifically for rugged terrain.

Also, Tuff Country’s parts are constructed from thicker metals. They have tighter tolerances than those found on Rough Country kits, providing better resistance against wear and tear caused by extreme conditions.

As such, Tuff Country can typically stand up far better than the competition when driving through rougher landscapes.

05: Ride Quality 

Tuff Country uses higher-quality shock absorbers that allow for a smoother ride. These shocks are designed to absorb more of the impact from bumps in the road, which leads to less jarring when driving over uneven terrain.

Installing Tuff Country lift kits typically requires more labor than a Rough Country kit, but it also results in a much higher level of comfort while driving.

Also, Tuff Country lift kits often come with additional parts that add to the overall look and performance of the vehicle, while Rough Country usually only offers essential suspension components.

06: Compatibility 

Regarding compatibility, Rough Country lift kits have the edge over Tuff Country. Rough Country lift kits are designed to be compatible with a broader range of vehicles than Tuff Country lift kits. This includes older and newer models, making it easier for people with less common vehicles to find a lift kit that will work for them.

On the other hand, Tuff Country lift kits tend to be more specialized and may only fit specific makes or models of vehicles. This means that if you have an unusual vehicle, you may be unable to find a suitable kit from either company.

Does Rough Country 3.5 Lift Kit Level The Truck?

Does Rough Country 3.5 Lift Kit Level The Truck

In addition to providing even clearance across the vehicle’s front and rear, the Rough Country 3.5-inch lift kit can accommodate some of the enormous off-road tires.

With up to 295/55R20 tires possible, this lift allows for an outstanding Level balance between providing increased ground clearance and having an aggressive appearance.

This flexibility is further enhanced by its configuration ability with various shock options. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice your ride quality to get the best experience for your vehicle on tricky terrains. Whether you want more stability or improved performance, this lift caters to all needs.

Does a Tuff Country Lift Kit Lower Resale Value?

A reasonable-height aftermarket lift kit won’t necessarily decrease your vehicle’s resale value. Some buyers may be more interested in a lifted truck and willing to pay more. Also, this customization will limit your pool of potential buyers, as some prefer their vehicles to remain untouched in stock.

The significant benefits of a Tuff Country lift kit are quality and performance. The parts used in the kits are thicker and more robust than those found on most aftermarket products, allowing for improved durability and higher performance levels in extreme conditions.

Why Do Lift Kits Ride Rough?

Why Do Lift Kits Ride Rough

Lift kits ride rough for several reasons:

  • When a truck is lifted, its center of gravity will be higher off the ground, affecting the handling dynamics.
  • The components used in lift kits, such as Rough Country or Tuff Country, are designed to provide stability and durability in off-road conditions. Thus, they may cause rougher rides on paved roads.
  • Some truck models may not be engineered to accommodate lifts, leading to rougher rides.
  • When people opt for an aggressive setup, such as 12-inch lifts paired with heavier wheels and tires, this can further contribute to rough riding because of more stress on the suspension system.

To avoid a rough ride while still lifting their trucks, people should always consult a professional who can help them make the right decisions that will provide smooth performance while maintaining safety.

Is Rough Country or Tuff Country Lift Kits Better?

When choosing between Rough Country vs. Tuff Country lift kits for your car, RV, SUV, or Jeep, it is crucial to consider your needs and the terrain you will be driving in the most.

Those who plan to drive through more extreme conditions might want to consider a Tuff Country lift kit. Due to their superior quality materials and components, they can handle tougher conditions better.

On the other hand, if you plan on primarily using your vehicle off-road for recreation, then a Rough Country kit should also get the job done.

Rough Country Vs Tuff Country Lift Kits: 6 Differences

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