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Can You Put a Lift Kit on a Ford Edge: 8 Steps Guide [DIY]

Can You Put a Lift Kit on a Ford Edge

Last Updated on April 5, 2023

Are you dreaming of taking your Ford Edge off-roading but don’t know how to make it happen? You may have heard that a lift kit is an answer, but can you put a lift kit on a Ford Edge?

With the right aftermarket lift kits, your Ford Edge can look stunning and have improved ground clearance for off-roading. Although adding a lift kit is not essential, it can give you ground clearance and an eye-catching look.

To put a lift kit on your Ford Edge, safely jack up the vehicle and remove all four wheels. After that, it’s time to carefully follow the instructions for the lift kit installation and reinstall the wheels.

Let’s go over all the steps to lift your Ford Edge. We will also discuss alternative options to give your Ford Edge an even more impressive off-roading look.

How Can You Put a Lift Kit on a Ford Edge?

How Can You Put a Lift Kit on a Ford Edge

If you want to give your Ford Edge a more rugged look and improved functionality, installing a lift kit is a great way to do it. Read on for step-by-step instructions on how to put a lift kit on a Ford Edge:

Step 01: Determine the Type of Lift Kit You Want

First, you should research different types of lift kits and choose the one that best suits your needs. There are suspension lift kits, which involve replacing or altering springs, shock absorbers, and other components to raise the vehicle’s ride height.

There are also body lift kits, which involve raising the SUV’s body without affecting its suspension. Body lift kits usually involve installing blocks on top of existing suspension components to provide more ground clearance while maintaining consistent ride quality.

Finally, spacer kits use spacers between existing suspension components to raise the vehicle’s ride height. Each type of kit has advantages and disadvantages, so it is essential to research all available options before deciding.

Step 02: Purchase a Lift Kit

Once you have determined the type of lift kit most appropriate for your Ford Edge, you can shop for a reliable aftermarket parts supplier or manufacturer that sells such kits.

It is crucial to ensure that you purchase a high-quality product from an established company with good customer reviews and feedback from other customers who have purchased similar products.

Also, it is essential to consider any additional items or parts necessary for installation and ensure that these items are included with your purchase.

Step 03: Gather the Necessary Tools

Before attempting any installation procedure on your Ford Edge, it is essential to ensure that you have all the necessary tools gathered beforehand. This includes obtaining jack and jack stands and gathering wrenches, sockets, and pliers suitable for the specific type of lift kit you plan on installing.

Also, some special tools may be required depending on the specific model year of your Ford Edge. Thus, checking for additional tools before beginning installation work is important.

Step 04: Jack Up the Vehicle

It is time to begin jacking up your Ford Edge for installation work.

  • Position a jack underneath a designated lift point on the car (usually located near one wheel well).
  • Then use this jack to slowly raise up the vehicle until its wheel is off the ground completely (this will help reduce strain on other suspension components during installation work).
  • Next, place two sturdy jack stands under each corner of your vehicle and then lower them onto them until secure (ensure that they are placed firmly on level ground before doing this).
  • Now your car will be able safely to remain at this elevated position throughout installation work without fear of slipping or falling off due to the extra support of the jack stands.

Step 05: Remove the Wheels

After jacking up the vehicle, use a wrench to loosen the lug nuts around each wheel. Make sure not to thoroughly take them off yet as they still need to hold on to the wheel while taking it off of the vehicle.

When all of them are loosened, use your hands to take them off, and finally, you can remove each wheel from your Ford Edge by lifting it out of place.

Step 06: Install The Lift Kit

Installing a lift kit on a Ford Edge requires following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Start by removing all old suspension components and replacing them with new ones from the lift kit. This includes components like shocks, coils, control arms, leaf springs, stabilizer bars, etc.

If any additional accessories or parts are included in the lift kit, install them as well. After fitting all components properly and securely, it is time to lower your Ford Edge back onto its wheels.

Step 07: Reinstall The Wheels

When you’re done installing your lift kit, reinstalling your wheels onto your Ford Edge is simple after you’ve replaced any suspension parts for clearance issues with taller tires or bigger rims.

Begin by placing each wheel back onto its respective side of your vehicle. Then, tighten all lug nuts using a torque wrench set at its recommended setting, usually, 80-90 ft/lbs for most vehicles, including Ford Edges.

Ensure all lug nuts are evenly tightened, and none are left out while double-checking whether they are correctly fastened onto their places before driving again or safely lowering your car down from its jack stands.

Step 08: Test The Vehicle

After the installation process of your Ford Edge is complete, it is time to test drive your vehicle to confirm that all pieces have been correctly installed. From this, you can tell if any loose parts result in misalignments or suspension failure when turning at high speeds due to insufficient torque settings.

Also, alignment should be rechecked after any height adjustment during installation as incorrect configurations may significantly impact handling performance due to the changes caused by the height change.

If you encounter any other problems during your test drive, it might be better for a professional to take care of the rest.

Alternative Options for Modifying a Ford Edge for Off-Roading

Alternative Options for Modifying a Ford Edge for Off-RoadingAlternative Options for Modifying a Ford Edge for Off-Roading

When it comes to off-roading, there are various ways to modify the Ford Edge to achieve better performance instead of using a lift kit.

A leveling kit will help you raise the vehicle to a higher stance, making it easier to traverse uneven terrain. Switching to off-road tires will improve traction and stability while navigating rougher surfaces. Suspension upgrades also enhance off-road performance, allowing you to tackle more difficult obstacles easily.

To protect the undercarriage from damage, skid plates are an essential addition. Installing a winch is ideal for escaping sticky situations, while upgraded lighting increases your visibility in dark or low-visibility conditions.

Furthermore, improving the approach and departure angles of your Ford Edge will give you even better performance when hitting the trails. 

Can A Ford Edge Drive in Snow after Putting On a Lift Kit?

The Ford Edge has an 8-inch ground clearance, allowing it to handle snow up to medium thickness. Although the model isn’t specifically designed for snow, it can still perform well in winter, especially with the AWD model.

But, installing a lift kit may not necessarily improve your vehicle’s snow-driving capabilities. Instead, adding a lift kit could positively affect visibility while driving in snow since you’ll be able to see obstacles ahead better due to the increased height.

Do Lift Kits Waste Ford Edge Gas? 

The additional weight of the lift kit itself can reduce gas mileage. When combined with larger tires, increased air resistance and turbulence caused by the raised body could further decrease fuel economy.

But, if you plan on using your Ford Edge for off-roading or in rugged terrain, the added ground clearance and improved handling provided by a lift kit could make it worth sacrificing some fuel efficiency.

Do Lift Kits Damage Ford Edge?

Do Lift Kits Damage Ford Edge

When installing a lift kit on a Ford Edge, following the manufacturer’s instructions is important. Improperly installed lift kits can cause damage to the suspension components or other structural elements of the vehicle.

A qualified mechanic should be consulted before installing a lift kit, as special tools and expertise may be required. It is also important to use parts that meet the Edge’s factory specifications to ensure proper fitment and optimal performance.

Boost Your Ford Edge’s Performance And Safety With The Right Lift Kit

Installing a lift kit on your Ford Edge is possible with the right parts and installation instructions. With various aftermarket lift kits available, you must find one right.

But, if lifting isn’t what you’re looking for, other options are available such as leveling kits that could be more suitable for off-road driving. Whatever modifications you make, professional installation is recommended to ensure safety and get the best performance out of your Ford Edge.

Can You Put a Lift Kit on a Ford Edge: 8 Steps Guide [DIY]

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