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Best Wheelchair Lifts for Vehicles: Top 5 in 2024 [Safe]

Wheelchair Lifts for Vehicles

Last Updated on May 21, 2023

If you or someone close to you is wheelchair-bound, having a quality lift for your vehicle (RV truck, SUV, Jeep, etc.) can make transportation much easier and more comfortable. Invest in the best wheelchair lifts for vehicles so that no one has to struggle just to get from one place to another.

Quality construction, materials, and durability are essential factors to consider as you want your lift to last. Also, weight, holding capacity, portability and setup features, ease of installation and customer service must be considered to find a good wheelchair lift.

The right lift will enable you to securely and comfortably transport a wheelchair-bound passenger in and out of your vehicle with ease. But each person’s individual needs may differ, so it’s important to do research in order to get the most suitable product for your money.

Read on to learn more about these important considerations when selecting a wheelchair lift for your vehicle.

Best Wheelchair Lifts for Vehicles: Editor’s Choice

Goplus Aluminum Wheelchair Carrier

Carries most standard wheelchairs and scooters with ease

Color: Silver
Material: Aluminum
Folding: No
Item Weight: 40 Pounds
Load Capacity: 500 Pounds

WheelChair Carrier – Eectric Wheelchair Vehicle Lift

Well designed and easy to assemble, mount, and use

Color: Black
Material: Steel
Folding: Yes
Item Weight: 103 Pounds
Load Capacity: 350 Pounds

Silver Spring Electric Wheelchair Lift

One person can install it in 30 minutes

Color: Metallic
Material: Aluminum
Folding: Yes
Item Weight: 82 Pounds
Load Capacity: 350 Pounds

Top 5 Vehicle Wheelchair Lifts: Here’s Our Reviews

Below are our top five picks for wheelchair lifts. People can use these products to transport wheelchairs, scooters, and other mobility devices with their RV trucks and SUVs. We’ve evaluated a variety of factors, including key features, pros, and cons. Let’s dive in.

1. Goplus Aluminum Wheelchair Carrier

Goplus Aluminum Wheelchair Carrier

Experience the convenience of transporting wheelchairs or scooters with ease and peace of mind with Goplus’ SU-5545-TA wheelchair carrier. With its lightweight design and capability to support up to 500 lbs without any worry, it takes our number one spot.

Lightweight Design for Easy Transportation

The Goplus aluminum wheelchair carrier is designed with lightweight aluminum material, making it easy to transport. It has a robust and well-cut construction that ensures high durability and strength while keeping its weight low.

Its wide platform surface allows you to load all kinds of items onto the carrier securely and easily. The whole unit weighs just 40 pounds, making it one of the lightest carriers available in the market.

Easy Installation Without Assistance 

Setting up the Goplus wheelchair carrier is incredibly simple and can be done alone without any help. All you need are the included installation instructions and basic tools. No extra parts or complicated setup process is required.

Also, the adjustable straps ensure a snug fit while securing your vehicle against potential damage caused by movement during transportation. 

High Load Capacity for Maximum Safety 

This wheelchair carrier can hold up to 500 lbs of weight at once, making it one of the highest-rated carriers in capacity.

It also has an optional locking mechanism that increases security against theft when parked outside for extended periods. You can know your cargo is safe and secure when using a Goplus wheelchair carrier.

Smooth Surfaces for Safe Loading and Unloading 

The smooth surfaces on this aluminum frame make loading and unloading items very easy without worrying about catching or snagging something on sharp edges or corners.

Also, this wheelchair carrier is compatible with most SUV models, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues when switching vehicles either.

Well-Cut Parts For Seamless Fitment

Goplus makes sure that all the pieces for SUVs are cut correctly. This means they will fit together perfectly and there won’t be any problems during installation. If the pieces were not cut correctly, it could cause issues when using the product later.

Positive Things:

  • Transport a wide variety of goods with ease
  • Constructed with heavy-duty aluminum for durability
  • Features humanized designs for safety
  • The ramp is secured by pins to keep it steady and safe
  • Compatible with most vehicles


  • It may take a lot of time and space to assemble

2. Silver Spring Electric Wheelchair Lift

Silver Spring Electric Wheelchair Lift

The Silver Spring wheelchair lift provides reliable support and stability, the best value for any daily needs. Constructed from high-grade materials, this carrier is highly durable and saves space when stored due to its convenient folding design.

Durable Aluminum Construction

The Silver Spring scooter lift is made from a heavy-duty aluminum material that guarantees longevity and robustness. It has an item weight of 82 pounds, which makes it suitable for all types of wheelchairs, scooters, or other mobility transport.

This wheelchair carrier can easily withstand harsh weather conditions without deteriorating quality or functionality.

Effortless Setup & Folding Design

Installing the Silver Spring electric wheelchair lift is straightforward due to its intuitive design. The manual included with the package provides clear instructions on how to set it up quickly and efficiently.

Further, the folding design allows you to store it away easily when not in use, freeing up much-needed space in your garage or storage shed.

Exceptional Load Capacity

When using this electric wheelchair lift, you can rest assured that its 350-pound load capacity will handle almost every type of wheelchair or mobility transport without any issues. Due to this impressive figure, you can have peace of mind knowing that your equipment will remain safe throughout your travels.

Works with All Types of Wheels

This wheelchair carrier accommodates all types of wheels, including wheelchairs and scooters making it very versatile in terms of usage scenarios. Whether you are traveling on a smooth road surface or rough terrain, you can be sure that this product will get the job done effectively every time.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Maintaining the Silver Spring lift is low effort due to its durable construction, which does not require constant upkeep or special cleaning products like other models.

And the aluminum material also helps protect against corrosion over time, so you can be sure that it will last many years without needing repairs or replacements too often.

Positive Things:

  • Safely transports power chairs and scooters
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • You fold it up and put it on the back of your car
  • 350-pound weight capacity
  • No drilling or modifications needed


  • Instructions for assembly may be unclear for beginners

3. Freedom Mobility Wheelchair Lift

Freedom Mobility Wheelchair Lift

Freedom Mobility is your one-stop source for quality wheelchair lifts that make life easier and more convenient. Crafted with premium aluminum and a sleek silver finish, these lifts can safely secure up to 350 pounds without requiring straps while they can be folded up when not in use.

Easy-to-Use Design

The Freedom Mobility lift features an easy-to-use design that makes it simple to get going. Just turn the key, flick a switch, and you’ll be on your way. No complex steps or time-consuming setups are required.

Durable Construction

Constructed from premium aluminum with a silver finish, this wheelchair lift stands up against the test of time and provides long-lasting performance. It has been tested for safety and quality assurance, so you never doubt its durability or reliability.

Secure Fit

The Freedom Mobility wheelchair lift securely holds the scooter in place without needing additional straps or devices, giving you peace of mind as you travel with your goods.

Its design also ensures that the scooter fits snugly into the lift regardless of its size or shape, giving you superior stability while driving around town.

Easy Installation

The installation process is simple and straightforward, making it easy for anyone with limited technical expertise to set up this lift in no time.

Everything in the package includes instructions that make set up a breeze, so nothing is holding you back from enjoying your new freedom mobility solution today.

Professional Customer Service

No matter what questions or concerns may arise during the product’s setup or usage, you can count on Freedom Mobility’s professional customer service team to help answer them quickly.

They offer competent advice and timely resolution so that customers can enjoy their product without any delays or frustrations along the way. It makes it truly one of the good choices for wheelchair lifts out there today.

Positive Things:

  • Fully automatic and easy to use
  • Platform adjusts to fit most 3 & 4-wheel scooters
  • The automatic folding platform is weight sensitive
  • No need to use additional tie-downs
  • The swing-away joint provides easy access


  • It may not be suitable for vehicles with poor suspension

4. WheelChair Carrier – Electric Wheelchair Vehicle Lift

WheelChair Carrier - Electric Wheelchair Vehicle Lift

Whether you’re caring for loved ones or need help getting around, the WheelChair Carrier lift will help. With a 350-pound load capacity, this system is ideal for transporting wheelchairs or scooters without straps. That’s why it’s our runner-up choice.

Reliable Steel Construction

This WheelChair Carrier lift has been constructed from robust steel to ensure its durability and dependability. It can provide users with secure transportation due to its robust structure and solid construction, which ensures that the wheelchair or scooter stays safe and secure during transport.

The black color will blend in nicely with most vehicles and can be conveniently folded when not in use, making it easier to store when not needed.

Simple Assembly Process

Assembly of the WheelChair Carrier vehicle lift is simple due to its intuitive design. All required are basic tools (included) and a few easy steps to get up and running quickly. Mounting onto your existing vehicle doesn’t require any modifications, as it fits securely into place with minimal effort.

Accommodates Many Scooters & Wheelchairs

This wheelchair vehicle lift is suitable for many wheelchairs or scooters, making it highly versatile. Furthermore, it can be easily adjusted to fit various body sizes without compromising comfort or security while traveling over rough terrains such as bumps or uneven surfaces.

This lift also works well on sloped ramps, so you won’t have any trouble getting around safely, even if your vehicle has steep inclines or declines during a journey.

Effortless Movement & Loading/Unloading

Loading up your wheelchair or scooter onto the WheelChair Carrier’s electric wheelchair vehicle lift is more accessible. Due to its lightweight 103 lbs weight, this lift allows users to roll their aids onto the platform without worrying about struggling to lift them up themselves.

Also, unloading is just as effortless due to its integrated safety features, such as a tilt lever locking tool that keeps everything secure while allowing quick removal at destination points if necessary.

Quality Investment Worth Making

The WheelChair Carrier vehicle lift has been explicitly designed with longevity in mind so that you won’t encounter problems arising later down the line from regular use over time. This product will surely last you years upon years.

So if you’re looking for an efficient way of transporting wheelchairs or scooters that will go the distance, look at this top-quality piece of equipment.

Positive Things:

  • Safely transport your electric wheelchair or scooter
  • Easy to bolts assemble onto your vehicle’s hitch
  • Ratchets secure your mobility unit for a safe ride
  • The angle on the platform ensures a smooth transport
  • It comes with a swing-away joint for easy storage


  • A careful installation is required to ensure correct ground clearance

5. Harmar AL065 Universal Inside-Outside Lift for Wheelchair

Harmar AL065 Universal Inside-Outside Lift for Wheelchair

Transporting mobility devices just got easier with the Harmar AL065 lift. It offers a secure solution to transport scooters, wheelchairs, and more. It is capable of carrying up to 200 pounds. The durable steel lift has comfortable push handles for easy loading and a permanent hitch attachment.

Steel Construction for Durability

The Harmar AL065 lift for wheelchairs is constructed from steel, making it sturdy and durable. It can hold up to 200 pounds, so you don’t need to worry about the weight of your mobility goods affecting their performance. The steel construction ensures this lift will last you a long time without any issues.

Push Handles For Easy Loading

This lift has push handles that make loading much easier than manually lifting the wheelchair onto the lift. It helps reduce strain on your back and arms while loading and unloading your mobility chair.

The push handles are designed to allow easy movement when transporting your scooter or wheelchair, making it safe and easy to use.

Hitch Attachment Can Be Left On Permanently

The hitch attachment feature of the Harmar AL065 inside-outside lift allows you to leave it on permanently if needed, so you can leave it on without taking it off before you start driving again.

This provides convenience when transporting multiple times in one day or over longer distances where you would need to take it off constantly at each stop if not permanently attached.

Works Great On SUVs And Trucks

This lift for wheelchairs also works great on SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles with an appropriate hitch connection. This makes it versatile enough for many different scenarios. Whether using it once or regularly over longer distances, this lift will get the job done efficiently and safely every time.

Good For Occasional Use

The Harmar AL065 universal inside-outside lift for wheelchairs is also good if you only use it occasionally, as it’s simple enough that anyone can operate it with ease.

It is lightweight yet still sturdy enough that it won’t give out under the pressure of heavy loads, so no matter how often or how little you use this lift, you can rely on its performance every time.

Positive Things:

  • Accommodates most electric wheelchairs and scooters
  • Operates with the push of a switch from a seated position!
  • It has a weight capacity of 350 lbs
  • Easy disassembly for transport
  • Lightweight components and remote hand control


  • Difficult to assemble and lift for people with physical challenges

Comparison Table for the Best Wheelchair Lifts

ProductColorMaterialFoldableLoad Capacity
GoplusSilverAluminumNo500 Pounds
Silver SpringMetallicAluminumYes350 Pounds
Freedom MobilitySilverAluminumYes350 Pounds
WheelChair CarrierBlackSteelYes350 Pounds
Harmar MobilityBlackSteelN/A(Push-Handles)200 Pounds

Buying Guide for the Best Wheelchair Lift for Vehicles

Buying Guide for the Best Wheelchair Lift for Vehicles

The wheelchair lift for vehicles is the perfect way to transport a wheelchair, scooter, or lightweight goods with your vehicle. With its innovative design and high-quality construction, this lift can make transporting wheelchair users safe and convenient.

Using this buying guide, you can make an informed decision when selecting a wheelchair lift for your vehicle by examining the key factors.

Quality Construction and Materials

When looking for a wheelchair lift for vehicles, it is important to consider the quality of construction and materials. High-grade aluminum and steel are two materials that can provide durability and strength to withstand frequent use.

Aluminum is lightweight yet strong, while steel may be heavier but more robust. It is important to look at the quality of welds and joints when considering a wheelchair lift. They should be cleanly welded together with no gaps or loose connections.

Also, look for powder-coated finishes on metal parts, which will help protect them against corrosion over time.

Lift Weight and Portability

When purchasing a wheelchair lift for your vehicle, one of the most important factors to consider is whether it is lightweight enough for portability. Ideally, you should look for lifts that weigh no more than 125 pounds so that they can be safely transported with your vehicle.

Be aware that some lifts may be too bulky or heavy to attach to vehicles. If you are transporting the lift frequently or over long distances, ensure it meets weight requirements before purchasing.

Weight Holding Capacity

The weight holding capacity of the chosen lift should surpass 200 pounds. This ensures that it can safely handle most wheelchairs’ weight requirements without risking damage or injury.

Look for lifts made with heavy-duty components such as chains, pulleys, brackets and frames that are designed specifically for their purpose. This indicates better quality construction, providing greater safety and longevity than cheaper models with lighter materials and less durable designs.

Setup and Usability Features

When it comes to shopping for a wheelchair lift for vehicles, setup and usability are essential considerations. First and foremost, look for lifts that include all the necessary components, such as mounting brackets, platform, power source capability, and any additional accessories.

Also, the electric lift should be easy to install with clear instructions that are easily understandable by anyone. Furthermore, the lift should offer simple operation with a convenient switch located in an easy-to-reach location.

As mentioned earlier, pay close attention to the lift’s weight capacity as well. Make sure it can support the weight of your wheelchair without straining its system. Also, consider if you need an electric or manual lift for your vehicle before making a purchase.

Accommodation for Different Vehicles Sizes

Accommodation for Different Vehicles Sizes

The next crucial factor is whether or not a particular lift can accommodate different types of vehicles such as RVs, SUVs, Jeeps, and trucks. The best lifts will have adjustable arms so they can be fitted to different wheelbases and widths.

Also, some lifts come with specialized wheelchairs designed specifically for larger vehicles like SUVs or trucks, making them easier to use. If any additional attachments are available, such as straps or ties, ensure you have everything you need when transferring from your wheelchair to your vehicle.

Durability and Security Features

Choosing a wheelchair lift for vehicles it’s important to consider durability and security features too. The best lifts will be made from robust materials such as steel or aluminum that can withstand long-term exposure to weather conditions like rain or snow.

Also, ensure that all moving parts are properly lubricated before installation and check if there are any additional safety features, such as anti-slip platforms or strap mechanisms to keep wheelchairs securely fastened in place during transit.

And make sure that the hitch receiver is compatible with your specific model of vehicle, so you don’t run into any problems along the way.

Ease of Assembly and Installation

When it comes to buying a wheelchair lift for vehicles, ease of assembly and installation should be a key consideration. Proper installation is necessary to ensure the safety and security of the user. The time required for assembly and installation can vary based on the type of lift being purchased.

Generally, lifts that are designed with modular components can be installed in up to 30 minutes and require minimal tools for assembly. Also, some wheelchair lifts come pre-assembled, which can drastically reduce the amount of time needed for setup.

Customer Service Availability and Competency

Ensuring access to quality customer service before and after making a purchase is essential when buying a wheelchair lift for vehicles. Look for customer support from wheelchair lift companies or retailers that offer 24/7 assistance either over the phone or online.

This will allow you to get any questions answered quickly in case something goes wrong or you require assistance installing or using your new lift.

Also, make sure that you’re dealing with knowledgeable customer service representatives who can provide accurate information about the product that they’re selling.

Price Range Consideration

Wheelchair lift costs range depending on their capacity, ease of use, safety features, and other factors such as warranty coverage and durability. When looking at different models, compare prices between different manufacturers to see what fits best within your budget while still getting an adequate level of quality.

Also, keep in mind that some models may include additional features such as power operation, which can add substantially more cost but also greatly increase convenience when using your wheelchair lift.

What Are the Different Types of Wheelchair Lifts for Vehicles?

What Are the Different Types of Wheelchair Lifts for Vehicles

I) Inside lifts are the most common type of wheelchair lift and can be installed directly in a vehicle, usually in the rear seating area.

Depending on the particular model, they may have an extended arm that lets you roll a wheelchair across it and into the car or a long ramp that lets users drive their wheelchairs directly into the vehicle.

II) Outside lifts attach to the back of a vehicle and then lift up and out for loading. These lifts are typically more versatile than inside lifts since they can be used with almost any kind of vehicle, including hatchbacks and SUVs.

III) Hybrid lifts offer elements from both inside and outside lifts, allowing them to be adapted to different vehicles with minimal hassle. They can also fold away when not in use, saving valuable cargo space.

What Are the Applications of Vehicles Vertical Wheelchair Lifts?

Vertical platform lifts (VPLs) are specifically designed to allow people using wheelchairs or scooters to access a vehicle without having to leave their chairs. The wheelchair lift platform is usually raised and lowered either hydraulically or electrically, depending on the design.

Once installed into a vehicle, VPLs make it possible for those with mobility challenges to access vehicles safely and securely without assistance from another person.

Also, some wheelchair VPLs provide extra carrying capacity beyond just transporting wheelchairs or scooters. This also makes it easier for users to transport goods from one place to another with their vehicle.

Why Put the Best Platform Lifts for Vehicles?

Why Put the Best Platform Lifts for Vehicles

A platform lift for vehicles should provide a safe, efficient way to transport wheelchairs or other mobility devices while ensuring that they remain secure during transit.

The platform outdoor wheelchair lift should be strong enough to support specific types of wheelchairs while providing an easy-to-use installation system that allows users to load and unload their wheelchairs from the vehicle quickly.

Also, platform lifts should feature adjustable straps and clamps that can securely hold wheelchairs in place during transportation.

Finally, platform wheelchair lifts should have durable construction materials such as corrosion-resistant metals to ensure long-term durability in environmental conditions.

How to Install the Best Vertical Platform Lift on Vehicles?

Installing a vertical platform wheelchair or scooter lift on vehicles is a simple process that can be completed with minimal tools and effort.

The first step is to identify the vehicle type, as this will determine which lift model is most suitable. Ensure that the lift chosen can accommodate both the size and weight of the user’s mobility device, taking into consideration factors such as ground clearance when selecting a model.

Once appropriate vehicle lifts have been selected for the wheelchair, it should then be carefully secured in place using the provided mounting brackets and hardware. It is important to ensure that all bolts are properly tightened to ensure maximum safety and stability when in use.

After installation, it is also important to check that all functions are working correctly and that there are no loose components or wires which could cause a hazard. All wiring should be checked for any loose connections which could pose electrical hazards while in use.

Finally, any additional safety measures, such as warning signs, should also be implemented if local regulations require them.

How Do You Transport a Wheelchair In An SUV?

How Do You Transport a Wheelchair In An SUV

Transporting a wheelchair in an SUV requires installing a wheelchair lift designed for the type of vehicle being used. Generally, these lifts come either with motorized or manual operation, depending on the needs of the user.

When choosing an appropriate lift for an SUV, it must be ensured that it fits securely within its dimensions and has sufficient capacity for weight holding. All necessary mounting hardware should also be included with the purchase for easy installation.

But some additional hardware may need to be purchased separately if required for specific vehicle models.

What Is The Maximum Weight For Vertical Wheelchair Lifts?

The maximum weight carrying capacity of vertical wheelchair lifts depends largely on the specific model chosen.

Depending on design specifications, most lifts have standard capabilities ranging from 200 to 500 pounds or more. Also, some models may offer heavier capacities up to 1,000 pounds or more, based on individual requirements.

While a heavier vertical wheelchair lift may offer increased safety benefits due to its reinforced construction. But extra weight can decrease vehicle performance over time, so it’s important to consider other factors like ground clearance when choosing a model.

Therefore, it is essential that owners always adhere strictly to manufacturer guidelines regarding maximum load ratings when in use.

Discover the Perfect Wheelchair Lift for Your Vehicle

Discover the Perfect Wheelchair Lift for Your Vehicle

You may think that choosing the best wheelchair lift for vehicles is an overwhelming task before reading this article. Now it’s all easy, right? It’s time for another revision.

You should look at things like quality construction materials, lift the weight, portability, weight holding capacity, setup and usability, accommodating different vehicle sizes, durability and security features, ease of assembly and installation, and customer service.

Further, price range should also be taken into account when deciding on the most suitable wheelchair lift for your needs. And if you have already reviewed all the options and still can’t decide, we recommend the Goplus aluminum wheelchair lift.

This lift not only meets all of your requirements but also comes at a competitive price. So make sure you check out this option to compare it with other lifts on the market.

Best Wheelchair Lifts for Vehicles: Top 5 in 2024 [Safe]

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