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Best Car Jack for Oil Change | Top 10 Expert Choice in 2024

Car Jack for Oil Change

Last Updated on April 19, 2023

You can’t reach the oil pan without lifting the car up when changing car oil since the drain nut is downward at the bottom of the engine. Using a car jack, you can easily reach the oil pan and drain the oil quickly. For this reason, using the best car jack for oil change can be very helpful in ensuring the safety of your car. 

Changing car oil requires caution and avoidance of making a mess. Using a jack helps to prevent accidental spills and leaks of oil. With a jack, everything will go smoothly, and your car will return to the road in no time.

Besides, car jacks are handy for various other tasks, such as changing a flat tire or performing basic repairs. Check out the following article for the top five options in car jacks capable of performing oil changes.

Powerbuilt 620471 3 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Material: Metallic Fiber
Max Load Capacity: 3 Tons
‎● Minimum Height: 11 inches
Max Lifting Height: 21 Inches
Jack Style: Bottle Jack

Torin T90413 Big Red 4 Ton Bottle Hydraulic Jack

Material: Alloy Steel
Max Load Capacity: ‎4 Tons
‎● Minimum Height: 7.5 Inches
Max Lifting Height: ‎16 Inches
Jack Style: Bottle Jack

JEGS Professional Low-Profile 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

Material: Aluminum
Max Load Capacity: 3 Tons
Minimum Height: 3.5 Inches
Max Lifting Height: 19 Inches
Jack Style: Floor Jack

What are the Differences Between an Electric Jack and a Manual Jack?

What are the Differences Between an Electric Jack and a Manual Jack

Two of the most common car jacks are manual jacks and electric jacks. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the proper type of jack for your needs is essential.

Electric Jack

Electric jacks use an electric motor to power a hydraulic pump. This makes them much easier to use than manual jacks, as there is no need to pump a handle manually. These jacks are hydraulic jacks with hydrostatic pumping stations. They are used with double-acting or multiple hydraulic jacks operating in parallel.

These jacks are a newer type of car jack that uses a motor to raise and lower the vehicle. This makes them much faster and more convenient than manual jacks. But, they can be expensive and require a power source.

Manual jack

Manual jacks are the more traditional option. Unlike electric jacks, manual jacks rely on levers and gears to generate hydraulic pressure that raises and lowers the vehicle. This makes them fairly simple to use and relatively inexpensive. But, they can be slow and require a certain amount of physical strength to operate.

Manual car jacks are typically larger and less portable than electric jacks, making them a good choice for garage tasks. Regardless, they can be more challenging to use for larger loads or tasks that require precise positioning.

So, when choosing between a manual and an electric jack, you must consider your needs. An electric car jack may be the best option if you need a quick, easy-to-operate jack. Yet, a manual car jack may be the better choice if you’re on a budget or lifting heavy vehicles.

Bottle Jack or Floor Jack for an Oil Change, Which One Should You Use in the Manual Jack?

Which One Should You Use in the Manual Jack

When you have a car, you need to be extra careful about which type of car jack you use. You could damage your vehicle if you use the wrong type of car jack. The two most common manual car jacks are bottle jacks and floor jacks.

Bottle jacks (AKA Hydraulic jacks) are more compact and easier to store, but they can be unstable and dangerous to use on many vehicles. These jacks are smaller than floor jacks, so you do not have to worry about positioning them under the car. But you need to place them on a stable and hard surface. Also, bottle hydraulic jacks are not suitable for low-profile cars.

On the other hand, floor jacks (AKA Trolley jacks) are sturdier and can be used on various vehicles, especially low-profile vehicles. They’re much more stable and durable, making them a better choice for long-term use. But, they are bulkier and more difficult to store.

The following jacks, along with a bottle and a floor jack, may interest you if you are concerned about purchasing a manual car jack for an oil change.

What are the Best Car Bottle Jacks for Oil Changes?

Car Bottle Jacks for Oil Changes

Bottle hydraulic jacks are specifically designed for lifting cars and are an indispensable part of any home garage. You should be able to use a three to four-ton bottle jack if you intend to use it for oil changes.

Below are the two leading car bottle hydraulic jacks that can meet your needs:

➤ Powerbuilt 620471 3 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Powerbuilt 620471 3 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

The Powerbuilt 3-ton bottle jack works effectively for lifting and holding unibody vehicles like cars, trucks, and SUVs. It combines a jack stand and a hydraulic bottle jack, so you don’t need to use two separate tools.

Due to its metallic fiber construction, it is durable and can handle loads of up to 3 tons. Plus, the auto safety bar locks the unit at the desired height, so you can efficiently work. It can lift various objects with its concave and flat lifting surfaces.

How can this product help you?

If you need to lift a car for an oil change, but don’t want to strain yourself, then the Powerbuilt hydraulic bottle jack will significantly assist you. Its extra-wide flat base adds stability and helps prevent sinking on soft surfaces, which is crucial when lifting a heavy object.

The adjustable extension lets you set the height before pumping, making it a convenient safety feature. This safety feature eliminates the need to adjust it in the air, making it much safer. Also, you do not need to worry about getting under the vehicle when changing the oil.

Positive Aspects:

  • The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry
  • It can be used for a multitude of applications
  • Designed for a variety of lift points
  • Suitable for heavy-duty lifting tasks


  • Long-term use may impede the removal of the locking mechanism
  • Low thickness flat base can bend under pressure

➤ Torin T90413 Big Red 4 Ton Bottle Hydraulic Jack

Torin T90413 Big Red 4 Ton Bottle Hydraulic Jack

The Torin Big Red 4-ton bottle jack is perfect for performing an oil change on your car. It is integrated with a built-in safety oil bypass and overload valve that protects the hydraulic system from extending beyond its travel limits. The base is wide and rugged, providing stability and strength.

This jack is powered by high-quality oil, which offers better corrosion resistance and high/low-temperature flexibility. With its drop-forged alloyed steel construction, it is durable and hard-hitting. The inner/outer welded structure and the steel construction keep the bottle jack leak-free.

How can this product help you?

The Torin Big Red hydraulic jack is a heavy-duty option for anyone who needs to lift or move heavy objects. Its heat-treated saddle provides a generous lifting area and a secure grip, ensuring that the vehicle is lifted safely and securely.

Its smooth glide-action pressure pump is designed to lift with minimal muscle and effort. These jacks are made from heavy-duty materials and are ideal for lifting farm vehicles, heavy-duty machinery, and industrial equipment.

Positive Aspects:

  • The leak-free robotic welded cylinder
  • Fully robotic welded structure for commercial use
  • Reinforced stress points for added durability
  • Integrated built-in oil bypass and overload valve
  • The backup ring prevents the load from falling


  • The lifting range may be insufficient for cargo vans and SUVs

What are the Best Car Floor Jacks for Oil Changes?

Car Floor Jacks for Oil Changes

A reliable hydraulic floor jack is strongly recommended when changing your car’s oil. You need a floor jack that is sturdy enough to lift your car and maneuverable enough to get into tight spaces. The following are two of the most effective car floor jacks for changing oil:

➤ JEGS Professional Low-Profile 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

JEGS Professional Low-Profile 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

Professional floor jacks from JEGS are designed for heavy-duty use. Its saddle rotates 360 degrees to get the desired fit, and it’s made from lightweight aluminum so that you can move it around quickly. A seal keeps the hydraulic system free of contaminants, ensuring its longevity.

This trolley jack is ideally suited for a low-profile car (such as sports cars) oil change as it has a minimum saddle height of 3.5 inches. Since it has a maximum height of 19 inches, most vehicles can be accommodated easily. Also, the overload and bypass valves prevent the jack from exceeding its capacity, ensuring safety.

How can this product help you?

With the JEGS aluminum floor jack, you can do an oil change on your car with minimal effort. Its low-profile front roller makes it easy to get under the car, and the wide track wheels make it easy to maneuver. The handle can also be extended quite quickly, which is convenient since it saves you from bending over.

This quality floor jack has a knurled grip that helps reduce slippage, and dual side handles, making maneuvering and positioning much more manageable. Plus, it has been tested to meet all safety standards, ensuring its safety during use.

Positive Aspects:

  • Two-piece 50″ sleeved handle
  • Easy maneuvering with dual side handles
  • Overload & bypass valves prevent overloading of the jack
  • Low-profile front roller makes placement quick and easy


  • Not enough instructions for safely removing the catch bar

➤ Pro-LifT ‎F-2315PE Grey Hydraulic Trolley Jack

Pro-LifT ‎F-2315PE Grey Hydraulic Trolley Jack

The Pro-LifT trolley jack can be a great option for a car oil change if you want a high-quality hydraulic trolley jack. This portable car jack is all welded steel frame construction and rust-resistant, making it incredibly durable. It has solid front wheels and swivels casters on the rear for excellent maneuverability.

This 1.5 ton car jack’s welded steel frame is built for strength and durability. It allows you to lift your car from 5.25 inches to 12 inches, making it perfect for an oil change. It also comes with a free carrying case so you can easily transport it.

How can this product help you?

Pro-LifT hydraulic trolley jack simplifies oil changes because it is compact and easily portable. As it comes with a carrying case, it is easy to transport and does not take up much space in your vehicle. It is also easy to operate when lifting your car.

With its large swivel saddle and plenty of lifting power, it’s easy to position the jack where you need it and get the job done quickly. Plus, it’s portable, so you can take it wherever you go.

Positive Aspects:

  • All welded steel frame construction for durability
  • Lightweight & easy to carry around
  • Suitable for lifting low-profile cars
  • Features a significant swivel saddle


  • Not suitable for a full-size sedan

When Do You Use an Electric Hydraulic Jack Instead of a Manual Jack?

When Do You Use an Electric Hydraulic Jack Instead of a Manual Jack

If you’ve ever changed the car oil or tire on your car in a dimmed light condition, you know that getting the perfect lighting is a must. Plus, you know that reaching over the engine bay or fender well can be a pain. This is where an electric hydraulic jack comes in handy.

Electric hydraulic jacks are becoming increasingly popular, offering several advantages over manual jacks. But one of the main benefits is that they are much easier to use, as they do not require any physical effort to operate.

This can be particularly useful if you are trying to jack up a heavy vehicle, as it can be challenging to generate enough force with a manual jack.

These jacks are also more precise, as they can be controlled using a switch or button. This means you can raise or lower the jack to the correct height without worrying about overshooting your target.

Also, electric jacks are more durable than their manual counterparts, as they have fewer moving parts that can wear out over time.

Below is the best electric jack you can place in your trunk to make tire rotations and oil changes as simple as possible.

➤ NthPOWER 5 Ton Electric Car Jack

NthPOWER 5 Ton Electric Car Jack

Looking for a robust and reliable electric car jack that can handle all the vehicles on the market? Look no further than the NthPOWER electric car jack. This high-power jack is waterproof and takes less than 2 minutes to lift to its MAX height. Plus, it can be powered by cigar lighters or car batteries, so you can use it with any vehicle.

Doing an oil change on your car doesn’t have to be a pain, even in the dimmed light with its built-in LED light. It comes with two impact wrenches, one with a larger sleeve for larger vehicles and one with a smaller sleeve for smaller vehicles. And the metal on the base makes the electric jack more stable during use.

How can this product help you?

The NthPOWER 12 volt electric hydraulic portable car jack meets the demand for user-friendly and compact electric car jacks. This kit has everything you need to quickly and easily change your car’s oil. You can easily store and transport it since it’s neatly arranged.

A handy bonus is the inflator pump; if necessary, there’s a tool to break your window. Besides the jack, it has a reflective triangle toolbox that functions as a road sign.

This is a helpful safety feature, especially when working under your car. Plus, the portable car jack automatically stops when it reaches its max height or load weight, so you never have to worry about lifting too high.

Positive Aspects:

  • Lightweight construction made of sturdy plastic and metal
  • A built-in LED light lets you see at night or in dim light
  • The reflective triangle toolbox serves as a road sign
  • Sockets come in four sizes for more tires
  • Cross-groove head for non-slip


  • Long-term operation isn’t possible
  • It must be used on a flat surface

Comparison Table of Car Jack for an Oil Change

ProductMaterialMax Load CapacityMinimum HeightMax Lifting HeightJack Style
Powerbuilt ‎620471Metallic Fiber3 Tons11 inches21 InchesBottle Jack
Torin ‎T90413Alloy Steel‎4 Tons7.5 Inches‎16 InchesBottle Jack
JEGS Professional Low-ProfileAluminum3 Tons3.5 Inches19 InchesFloor Jack
Pro-LifT ‎F-2315PEWelded Steel Frame1.5 Tons‎5.25 Inches12 InchesFloor Jack
NthPOWER TT02-B‎High-Quality Plastic5 Tons6 Inches‎17.7 InchesFloor Jack

How to Choose the Best Car Jack for an Oil Change?

How to Choose the Best Car Jack for an Oil Change

When changing your car’s oil, a jack is one of the essential pieces of equipment you’ll need. But with so many different types and brands, finding the perfect car jack for your needs can be challenging.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a car jack:

Vehicle Height

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a car jack is the height of your vehicle. If the jack is too short, you won’t be able to reach the oil pan. Too tall, and the jack may not fit under the car. The best way to determine the correct height is to consult your owner’s manual.

If you have a low-riding vehicle, such as a sports car, you will need a low-profile jack (such as a hydraulic floor jack) that can fit underneath it. Or, if you have a taller vehicle, such as an SUV or sedan, you will need a bottle jack. Fortunately, there are many different models available to accommodate different vehicle heights.

Vehicle Weight

Vehicle weight is another essential factor when choosing a portable car jack for an oil change. A heavier vehicle will require a stronger and more durable jack, while a lighter vehicle can be lifted with a lighter and less expensive model.

Typically, the car’s weight is listed in the car owner’s manual. But, if you don’t have access to this information, you can usually find it online or by contacting the manufacturer directly.

A light-duty jack is suitable for vehicles weighing up to 2 tons, while a heavy-duty jack can handle up to 5 tons. You may need a specialty jack if you have a significantly large or heavy vehicle.

Jack Style

Most car jacks are either floor jacks or bottle jacks. Floor jacks are the most popular type of jack because they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to use. They work by lifting your car from the side or underneath, so you’ll need to ensure enough clearance for the jack to fit.

Bottle hydraulic jacks are the most vital type of jack, but they’re also the heaviest and most expensive. They’re typically only used by professionals or serious enthusiasts.

Construction Material

Considering the jack material, you can narrow your options and choose the best one for your needs. Three primary materials are used in car jacks: aluminum, steel, and plastics.

Aluminum car jacks are lightweight and easy to maneuver, which makes them ideal for those who are working alone. Steel car jacks are more durable and can support heavier vehicles, making them a better option for those with larger cars or trucks. Compared to metal car jacks, plastic car jacks are the most affordable.

Max Weight Capacity

Maximum weight capacity is the amount of weight the jack can safely support. This is an important consideration because a jack that is too small may not be able to support your car, and a jack that is too large may be more challenging to maneuver.

When in doubt, choose a jack with a higher weight capacity than your car weight. This will give you some wiggle room when lifting a heavier object. Most car jacks have a max weight capacity of around 1.5 to 3 tons.

But, some models are designed for larger vehicles and can accommodate weights up to 5 or even 10 tons. Make sure to choose a model that can safely support the weight of your car.

‎Lifting Range

To work beneath the car, you will need to be able to raise the car sufficiently high. Most hydraulic car jacks have a height range of between 3 and 21 inches. Based on the type of jack, the lifting range may vary. For example, a low-profile floor jack may have a lifting range of 3.5 to 19 inches.

In contrast, a bottle jack may be capable of lifting between 7.5 inches and 21 inches. It is also possible to find a jack that meets your requirements by adjusting its lifting range.

When you plan to use a car jack, read the instructions carefully. Familiarize yourself with the product and how it works before you attempt to lift your car. And, if you have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to ask a professional for help.

What’s the Best Height to Jack Up Your Car for an Oil Change?

What's the Best Height to Jack Up Your Car for an Oil Change

When changing your car’s oil, it’s crucial to jack it up to the correct height. If it’s too low, you won’t be able to get underneath the car to reach the oil pan. And if it’s too high, you could risk the car falling off the jack. So how high should you jack up your car for an engine oil change?

It is generally recommended by expert mechanics that you jack up your car so that the wheels are just off the ground when you do so. This will give you enough clearance to reach the oil pan, but it won’t put you at risk of the car falling off the jack. You can also use jack stands to support the car at this height, giving you even more peace of mind.

  • Caution: You should not use a single jack to hold the car up for oil changing. The oil should only be changed once the car has been secured on the jack stands or multiple jacks.

Where Should I Jack Up My Car for an Oil Change?

Many people don’t realize that there is a specific way that you are supposed to jack up your car when changing the oil. If you don’t do it correctly, you could damage your car or seriously injure yourself.

So, where should you jack up your car to change the oil? The best place to position the jacks is on either side of the jack point of the front of your vehicle.

This will provide the most stability and prevent the car from tipping over. Once you have the jacks in place, slowly raise the car until the tires are clear of the ground. Then, place the jack stands under the car’s frame to support it while you work.
Remember, always use caution when working under a lifted vehicle. You can safely change your car oil with a little care and attention.

Where Not to Jack Up a Car to Change Engine Oil?

Many car owners know it’s important to change their engine oil regularly, but not everyone knows how. One common mistake is jacking the car on a sloped driveway or softer ground. This can be extremely dangerous, as the car could easily slip off the jack and crush whoever is underneath.

It’s also important to avoid using a regular floor jack, as these are designed for lifting, not supporting, a vehicle. Instead, use a hydraulic jack that is specifically designed for automotive use. These simple suggestions can help ensure your next oil change goes smoothly and safely.

How Long Can a Car Jack Hold a Car for Changing Oil

How Long Can a Car Jack Hold a Car for Changing Oil?

A car jack is a mechanical device to lift a vehicle so that its tires or the underside of the vehicle access can be changed. But for how long will a car jack safely hold a car? A car jack can generally hold a car until it malfunctions without any problems.

Yet, it is always best to check the jack periodically to ensure it is still in good working order. If you have doubts, it is always best to get a new one.

Is it Worth Paying for Car Jacks to Change Car Oil?

When it comes to car maintenance, a car jack is an essential tool for changing your oil, and it’s definitely worth the investment. Without a car jack, you would have to either crawl under your car or use another method to lift it up, which would be both difficult and dangerous.

A portable car jack is a relatively inexpensive tool, so it is an affordable way to maintain your car. So, if you’re planning on changing your car oil, invest in the best car jack for oil change. It will make the job much easier and safer.

Best Car Jack for Oil Change | Top 10 Expert Choice in 2024

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