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Atlas VS Bendpak 2 Post Lift: 6 Differences [Important]

Atlas VS Bendpak 2 Post Lift

Last Updated on April 12, 2023

Two-post car lifts are indispensable tools for car enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professional mechanics, but Bendpak and Atlas are two of the top choices for heavy lifting. Although both products offer exceptional quality and durability, they also differ.

The most notable difference is in their weight capacity. Bendpak can lift up to 10,000 lbs and Atlas can lift up to 9,000 lbs. Also, they require different types of oil for their hydraulic systems, such as Bendpak needing AW-46 hydraulic oil and Atlas needing AW-32 hydraulic oil.

Taking a close look at both products in this article will help you decide which is right for you based on their specific features. So are you ready to learn more about the features of Bendpak and Atlas? Read on to discover more information about these top-of-the-line heavy-lifting options.

Atlas Vs Bendpak 2 Post Car Lift: Comparison

Comparison of Atlas & Bendpak 2 Post Car Lift

When it comes to choosing a two-post car lift, several factors need to be taken into consideration, such as:

A: Overall Height & Width

Atlas and BendPak are both excellent car lift models with satisfactory dimensions. Atlas offers two height settings 11′ 6″ or 11′ 10″, providing sufficient clearance for automobiles parked underneath. There is a 10′ 4″ width, ensuring users have plenty of space to move around the area.

By contrast, BendPak consists of a 12-foot height setting with adjustable top beam widths to facilitate more cars underneath it. This flexibility ensures that all cars can fit comfortably under it without too much space.

Although both options are comparable in size, BendPak’s versatility gives it an added advantage for customers needing extra room within their garages.

B: Lifting Weight Capacity

When selecting a car lift, it is important to consider the lift’s weight capacity to ensure you have optimal lifting power for your specific needs. Bendpak two-post car lifts boast a maximum capacity of 10,000 lbs, while Atlas lifts top out at 9,000 lbs.

If you require reliable lifting power for large vehicles or tasks such as engine swaps and transmission replacements, Bendpak should be considered the go-to option. To offer unbeatable performance for heavy-duty applications, you can trust that Bendpak’s impressive weight capacity will always ensure successful results.

C. Oil Requirements

When it comes to oil requirements for an auto lift system, the specific make and model of the lift are key in determining the type of oil required and its capacity.

The Atlas car 2 post lift needs AW-32 hydraulic oil, which holds 2.64 gallons, while the Bendpak 2 post lift requires AW-46 hydraulic oil, with a capacity of 3.6 gallons.

Clearly, based on these specifications alone, the Bendpak model can hold more liquid when needed than the Atlas model.

D. Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic Power Unit

The Bendpak hydraulic power unit provides a more efficient service than the Atlas unit, as it requires a larger electric motor of 208-230V with 3HP power compared to the Atlas model, which only requires 200V with a power of 2HP.

This increased power gives the Bendpak unit a much higher performance level, resulting in significantly faster task completion rates. Therefore, if you need an efficient and powerful motor lift option, the Bendpak is the logical choice due to its superior power and performance capabilities.

E: Certifications

Atlas car lift equipment has been tested and certified by ALI (Automotive Lift Institute). This certification guarantees that the Atlas lift meets high standards for safety and performance.

Bendpak car lifts have even more certifications, including OSHA, ALI, ETL, and ANSI. These certifications mean that Bendpak lifts meet the top standards for safety and performance set by international organizations like OSHA and ANSI.

F: Maintenance

When considering which type of car lift to purchase should maintenance be a priority for you, then Atlas two post lifts may be the better choice over Bendpak. While both will require regular upkeep to ensure performance level satisfaction, Atlas lifts need less frequent maintenance due to having fewer moving parts.

Furthermore, if repairs are necessary on an Atlas lift, they can generally be carried out more quickly and economically than repairs on a Bendpak unit due to the easier design.

Atlas or Bendpak 2 Post Car Lift, Which One to Choose for the Workshop?

Atlas or Bendpak 2 Post Car Lift, Which One to Choose for the Workshop

Atlas and Bendpak are two leading manufacturers of 2 post-car lifts. Both companies offer reliable products with safety features that make them suitable for workshops. But when choosing the right lift for a seminar, the Bendpak car lift may be the better option.

Bendpak offers a higher lifting weight capacity, has more powerful hydraulic power units, and is certified by multiple safety organizations. Their Heavy-Duty series is designed with reinforced steel frames capable of supporting up to 10,000 lbs.

Also, some Bendpak models come with a single-point safety release locking system, providing maximum stability during operation and a wide variety of safety features while using the lift in any setting or situation.

Which 2-Post Car Lift is More Durable, the Atlas or the Bendpak?

Regarding two-post car lifts, there is a lot of debate on which one is more durable: Atlas or Bendpak. These brands have been around for years and have established themselves as industry leaders regarding car lifts.

But Bendpak has developed its triple-telescoping arm configuration with its maintenance-free UHMW load bearings systems, allowing for smooth operation even in harsh environments such as automotive repair shops or outdoor garages.

This system also helps prevent wear and tear on the lift parts while providing extra stability during use, which helps ensure that your vehicle remains at a consistent level each time you use your lift.

Also, Bendpak’s two post lifts come equipped with rubber padded columns that help reduce noise while providing additional protection against scratches or dents.

What Safety Features Do Atlas and Bendpak 2-Post Car Lifts Offer?

Atlas 2-post car lifts offer several safety features that protect operators and vehicles. The most notable is their Secondary Lock System (SLS), which is spring-loaded to keep the locks engaged at all times. This system also utilizes an adjustable locking mechanism, allowing technicians to adjust it for various vehicle sizes and weights.

Also, Atlas lifts feature an adjustable arm design that allows for the precise placement of arms on the vehicle. This helps ensure proper contact between lifting pads and the vehicle’s frame for maximum stability.

On the other hand, the BendPak 2-post car lifts provide users with a wide range of safety features. All models feature single-piece columns for maximum strength and stability, along with single-point safety releases located in easily accessible locations.

These releases allow technicians to disengage both columns simultaneously in case of emergency quickly or if they need to move the lift elsewhere without having to clear each column’s locking mechanism individually.

Also, many BendPak models come equipped with adjustable lock settings that let technicians customize their settings depending on the weight capacity they need or require for different vehicles they’re working on.

Do Atlas and Bendpak Car 2-Post Lifts Have Any Extra Features?

Do Atlas and Bendpak Car 2-Post Lifts Have Any Extra Features

Atlas and Bendpak are two prominent providers of 2-post car lifts, offering robust and reliable lifting solutions for garages and other automotive service centers.

Atlas 2-post car lifts feature patented Symmetric and Asymmetric Lifting Configurations, allowing users to take full advantage of their lift’s capabilities and customize their lift according to specific needs. This feature is especially beneficial for those with limited space as it can provide custom configurations that suit any service bay area.

Bendpak 2-post car lifts are equally well-equipped with features such as a self-lubricating maintenance-free dura-glide UHMW polyethylene load-bearing system, an adjustable top beam, and triple telescoping arm configuration for increased arm positioning versatility.

These features ensure the maximum efficiency of the lift by providing superior performance and stability during operation. With Bendpak’s adjustable top beam, users can easily accommodate wide or narrow installation setups without sacrificing any performance capabilities.

Furthermore, Bendpak’s triple telescope arm configuration maximizes flexibility in terms of arm positioning so that users can take full advantage of the lift’s range of motion, even within tight spaces.

Both Atlas and Bendpak offer premium quality 2-post car lifts designed to provide reliable service while ensuring maximum safety during operation. With robust designs, high-quality materials, and enhanced features, both brands give users an optimal lifting experience every time they use their car lifts.

Which Car Lift is Better Suited for Heavy-Duty Vehicles, Atlas or Bendpak 2 Post Car Lift?

For those who need a car lift for heavy-duty vehicles, Bendpak’s models offer more features and are better suited for use. These lifts are designed to provide quick and easy access to vehicles weighing 10,000 pounds. The heavy-duty frames of Bendpak car lifts have a superior design that ensures long-term durability and reliability.

Also, the construction and design of Bendpak’s lifts make them ideal for easily lifting trucks, SUVs, and other large, heavier-duty cars. Their robust lift arms feature multiple contact points, distributing the load evenly across all four arms, providing a secure hold and preventing any slippage or movement during operation.

With their adjustable height feature, these lifts can be tailored to fit into any garage space, allowing you to access vehicles with minimal effort while ensuring they remain safely in place. Bendpak’s advanced safety features provide protection when working with larger vehicles on these car lifts.

To get even more out of your car lift purchase from Bendpak, they offer a range of additional accessories and options to customize your lift setup according to your needs. As a whole, Bendpak’s models are well-suited for any heavy-duty vehicle requirement due to their durability.

Lift Car With Confidence: Choose Between Atlas or Bendpak 2-Post Car Lift

Bendpak and Atlas are two of the best heavy-lifting products out there. Both offer excellent durability and performance, but with different features that may appeal more depending on your needs.

Bendpak has a higher weight capacity at 10,000 lbs with greater certification, while Atlas can lift up to 9,000 lbs with a secondary spring-loaded lock system. Also, they each need a specific type of hydraulic oil, so you’ll want to keep that in mind when selecting.

All things considered, either option will provide reliable performance for years to come. No matter which product you decide on, you can rest assured that it was designed with quality craftsmanship and will be a dependable tool for any heavy-lifting job.

Atlas VS Bendpak 2 Post Lift: 6 Differences [Important]

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